Streambox Live Feature Report: QuickTime Transcoder Droplet

To allow users the flexibility of QuickTime to edit archived video files, we have released a new QuickTime Transcoder Droplet for Streambox Live. This feature will give users the efficiency and reliability of our award winning ACT-L3 codec, while allowing the ability to convert files to QuickTime from the Live Server. After this new feature has been installed, when downloading archived files from the Streambox Live Server, the video file will automatically be converted and saved as a QuickTime file in a matter of seconds. From QuickTime, the video can be ingested into compatible file editing software.

To download and use the QuickTime Transcoder Droplet, follow these easy steps:
1. Download the OSX Transcoder Droplet (4.94 MB) from the Streambox Live Server.
2. Save the archived video file to your desktop.
3. Double Click on the file from your desktop.

After opening the archived file from your desktop, the video will automatically be transcoded and saved into QuickTime. This new feature will help Streambox Live users in their file-based workflow, giving them the ability to convert their video files to QuickTime for editing with one click.

Screen Shots:
1. Download the Droplet from the Streambox Live Server. The Droplet Icon will appear once properly installed.

2. After saving your ACT-L3 file from the Streambox Live Server, Double Click the video and the transcoder will automatically open.

3. Now, your QuickTime file will be saved to your desktop for viewing and editing.

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