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New Streambox Media Player HD & 4K 3.162.05

New Streambox Media Player (Pro) for Apple OSX provides direct video output to Blackmagic playback devices and cards such as the Blackmagic Monitor and Decklink UltraStudio 4K in HDMI, HD-SDI or 4K-SDI.

This release includes real-time full-frame rate playback of ACTL-3 4K video files and live streams including Ultra 4K 2160p 30, 24, and 60 fps, DCI 24 and 23.98 fps. Core i7 CPU is recommended.

Download:  Streambox Media Player
(To update Streambox Media Player, click Streambox MPHD and check for updates.)

Instructions for 4K playback:

Download tos.actl3 file

Sample 4K video file: “Tears of Steel”, 1.6GB, 20 Mbps

Copyright notice: File (CC) Blender Foundation |

Start Streambox Media Player

Click File open, and select tos.actl3

Instructions for Blackmagic video output ( Pro license required):

Requirements: Streambox Pro license

Supported Blackmagic devices:

Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Monitor, Ultrastudio Express, Ultrastudio 4K Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K

How to use: In Media Player click Settings, then select “Use Blackmagic H/W” to enable hardware video playback on your favorite Blackmagic device. In addition, output format (NTSC, PAL, 1080i, 720p  including transcoding and upconvert ) can be selected from the “Output” selection on the Settings menu.

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