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El Pais is the highest circulation daily print newspaper in Spain and currently leading the digital market as well. Digital El Pais has been online and expanding globally since 1996 with its strongest presence in Europe and Latin America.

With a focus on accessibility, content on demand, and immediate news delivery New Media is reaching millions of people on a daily basis. Digital publications can engage users through interactive participation so they are becoming immediate, informative, and intelligent platforms for discussion and debate. This is all gaining New Media influence and making it strong competition for traditional broadcast media.

The AVENIRMicro encoder and Streambox Cloud Services can facilitate the broadcasting process for organizations beginning to introduce live streaming. These low cost solutions allow organizations to create an online channel in a few easy steps and provide the highest quality video contribution for live reports, newsgathering, sports, and events. Using any Streambox encoder with Cloud Services allows users to stream to most CDN platforms, embed the video on their website, share, or stream directly to YouTube and Facebook.

In 2016, a new Spanish general election was held due to the inability to establish a government after the December 2015 election. During this intense political period in Spain, El Pais produced a series of live broadcasts around the electoral campaign called “En Campaña”. The culmination of this series came on election night, June 26, with a live program over five hours long.


MADCO Broadcasting Services, was in charge of providing the setup for the series as well as managing the election night program for El Pais. They used a Streambox AVENIRMicro to provide live broadcasts from the field where reporters delivered breaking news from polling stations and political parties’ headquarters. The AVENIRMicro was enhanced with a USB Modem and Battery Module allowing the camera crew to connect 4 USB modems for a 3G/4G connection and hot swappable batteries for continuous streaming.

Many streaming applications available do not provide the high quality and low latency video today’s online viewer expects. Streambox’s triple play video streaming uses the ACT-L3 AP codec and Low Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) technology to transport broadcast quality video with bonded wireless and wired IP networks over a variety of changing bandwidth conditions for reliable delivery. MADCO’s AVENIRMicro was equipped with 4 USB modems, however, only two of them were needed to achieve sufficient bandwidth for HD streaming thanks to Streambox’s proprietary technology.

The original plan for the election night coverage was to establish a point-to-point connection with a Streambox 9200 decoder in the master control room. When MADCO ran into a firewall issue at the last minute they used Streambox Cloud Services, allowing them to play the incoming stream directly from the Cloud Server, using the same rackmount, but avoiding the port connection.

MADCO was very satisfied with the results, CEO Oscar Hidalgo said, “Streambox was the perfect solution for our needs on the 26 June Spanish night election. Knowing that connectivity conditions on the field would not be the most favorable for us, we could connect live insertions in a suitable moment without any problem. With a friendly and easy to use interface, it was a great help to us during the five hour live program.”

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