New Post Production Cloud | Streambox Inc

Streambox’s new Post Production Cloud Service offers an industry specific interface with collaboration tools designed for the needs of professionals in the film and advertising post production industry. The custom Cloud portal allows users to send private sessions invitations and share encrypted, high-quality HD and 4K low latency videos for review, edits and color grading. Once an invitee logs in, the encrypted video is automatically pulled from the Streambox Cloud. The invitee, be they a producer, director, editor, colorist, sound engineer, continuity editor, and so on, can then review the video seamlessly and simultaneously collaborate from anywhere in the world.

1. Send Private Session Invitations

2. Invitees Log In

3. Live Review Session

Key Benefits:

  • Simple and secure collaboration
  • Host initiated via invitation
  • Live and recorded encrypted video stream
  • Secure Media Players provided for collaboration
  • Stream and review 10 bit, 4.2.2, 1080p video