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Update and Protect Your Streambox from Ransomware


By now many of you have heard of the “Ransomware” malware threat in the news targeting computers around the world running Microsoft Windows OS. We would like to make you aware that some Streambox Encoders, Decoders, and Servers are using versions of Microsoft Windows (and Windows Embedded) Operating Systems that are vulnerable to the WannaCrypt (or WannaCry) ransomware, which encrypts user files and requires payment for decryption.

Microsoft has published a description of the ransomware and their response. Windows 7 (and later) OS and Windows Server 2008 (and later) OS are protected as long as they have updates current as of March 2017.

To prevent new infection, please click here for patches for vulnerable Windows operating systems utilized by Streambox. Additionally, enabling port filtering in the Network Adapter to block port 445 TCP should block the infection.

If your Streambox equipment has been infected, first, disconnect it from your local network then go here for options.

For assistance and support please contact Streambox Support: support@streambox.com