Camera-Mountable Bonded Cellular Mobile Encoder

Product Overview

Designed for Broadcasting in the Field

Designed for broadcasters, the new Streambox Avenir Mini 4 camera-mountable bonded cellular mobile encoder is an upgrade of Avenir Mini 3 in both hardware and software for improved performance, usability, and extended battery operations.

Key Features

See What This Mobile Encoder Has to Offer

Superior HD Video

Stream live video with continuous high quality even over unreliable networks.

Portable Encoder

Light weight with extended battery life. Manage and configure remotely.

Ease of Use

The new software and user interface, mobile app, and dual LCD screens with LED status lights give the user flexible options for ease of operation.

avenir mini 4

News, Security, Surveillance

Enables video streaming for mission-critical applications.

Live Social Streaming

Send Live Video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & on-air broadcasts.

Cost of Ownership

With its superior video compression, the Mini consumes up to 30% less data for HD videos to help lower data consumption.

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Take a Look Inside the Mini

  • Software includes new mobile web UI for ease of use and operations
  • ACT-L3 video codec improves video quality at a lower data rate
  • Mobile hardware consumes considerably less power for extended long battery life
  • HD-SDI/HDMI video subsystem
  • 6-8 hr battery life (depending on battery type)
  • Improved IFB channel and volumes selection
  • Weighs only 2 lbs
  • 5 embedded 3G/4G/LTE modems
  • Compatible with all Streambox Signal Extenders
  • 2 LCDs screens making it easy to monitor both encoder and networking performance
  • LED lights with different colors give continuous status of encoding performance
  • Seamlessly works with Streambox Cloud Service & Streambox Platform supports industry V-mount or G-mount batteries.
  • 12 volt and AC adapter universal power

Signal Extenders

Increase Broadcast Range in the Field

The Streambox Signal Extenders are modular addons to Avenir Mini 4, providing extended signal coverage for areas with poor 3G/4G networks, expanding on the numerous connectivity options available and allowing for enhanced capabilities, reliability, and redundancy.

avenir mini 4 signal extender

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