Build Your Own AVENIRMicro™ / Drone™

Combining best-of-breed technology
for high-quality, reliable video streaming.

Customize AVENIRMicro™ /AVENIRDrone™

Embedded Modem Module

Stackable design with Four 3G, 4G, LTE embedded modems module with retractable antenna for signal improvements.

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USB Modem + Battery Module

Stackable magnetic design securing 4 USB modems & power for 2 hours of HD encoding with hot swappable Canon DSLR batteries.

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V-Mount Battery

 If extended battery usage is desired, the V-Mount battery top plate added to AVENIRDrone™ provides 6-10 hours of continuous usage depending on the size and condition of the battery. As an example, an IDX battery with 185Wh would provide the AVENIRDrone with almost 10 hours of live streaming usage.

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Gold Mount Battery

Gold Mount battery Top Plate added to AVENIRMicro and AVENIRDrone provides long-lasting use for Streambox solutions. Designed to the demands of broadcast and cinema cameras, Gold Mount batteries are one of the most popular batteries for Streambox customers worldwide and Gold Mount Battery Top Plate allows them to use the same battery type for their encoders and cameras.

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Embedded Modem Module for Industrial Applications

The embedded modem module with 4 embedded 3G/4G/LTE modems features four external SMA’s to connect four remote antennas for signal improvements.

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H Clip w Strap

The H Clip make an AVENIRMicro™ with embedded modem module wearable for convenient use in the field. The H-Clip provides two hot swappable Canon DSLR batteries for approximately  2-hours of streaming operations based on the battery conditions.

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Breakout USB Adaptor

Connects up to 4 USB modems + battery connection.

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T Clip w Strap

The  units make an AVENIRMicro™ with USB Modem Module wearable for convenient use in the field.

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