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Streamline Video Management for Businesses & Organizations

Enterprise solutions by Streambox provide a growing business the ability to constantly align and keep in touch with global staff. Maintaining a consistent mission and plan is important for any corporation. Live video streaming, as well as archived video on demand, allows a business to articulate the same message in the same way to multiple groups of employees, both local and remote. A mobile workforce requires mobile solutions for streaming, video sharing, documentation and collaboration.


Streambox Delivers with a Variety of Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Multi-location Videos

Learn from a distance with the Modular Rackmount to link two interactive classrooms as far apart as different countries or as close as different buildings. The video can also be recorded and saved on a private cloud using Streambox Enterprise Server. Alternatively, we also support video streaming to web and mobile devices using our Streambox Apps to bring course instruction to individual students.

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Corporate Telecommunications

Stream and share live events, such as product launches, executive meetings and company conferences from different locations around the world. The same video solutions can apply for HR training of new staff and facilitating professional development of existing employees. All video can be captured and viewed from mobile phones or laptops using Streambox Encoding Software and Media Players.

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Medical Technology

Streambox solutions provide health care professionals with ways to treat patients remotely by collecting patient histories, conducting examinations and making assessments of patient health in real-time. This can all be done using a mobile hardware encoder like Streambox’s AVENIRMicro to capture and stream live video from any hospital or doctors office.

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Global Conferences

Reduces the cost of covering events by supplementing or removing existing satellite or microwave links, ultimately providing a less expensive and more mobile option with Streambox Cloud. Our live event solutions allow sports and broadcasters to simulcast events from the locker room to the field in full HD.

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