Streambox NODE

Low-Cost Video Player for Connected Televisions


Node is a small form factor media player device supporting ten video channels which will automatically “pull” live video from Streambox Cloud and Enterprise Server or directly from an encoder for live video playout to connected TVs & monitors.


Superior High-Definition Video

For low cost automated video playout Node provides a consistent high quality live video stream. An ethernet and HDMI connection are all you need for unparalleled HD streaming to a connected TV.

Cloud Streaming

Using the Streambox worldwide network of cloud servers helps reduce your video latency by up to 90%. Your stream is automatically archived and can be immediately routed to one or many destinations including websites and mobile devices.

Automated Video Routing

Ease of use is key to how Streambox NODE stands out from the pack. With Automated Video Routing you are able to setup the NODE once then it automatically finds the correct encoder in the future, providing a quick setup and peace of mind.


The Streambox NODE is modular for maximum portability:

  • Low Power Consumption (DC 12V, 10Wh capacity)
  • Physical: 116mmW x 121mmD x 30mmH (4.57”D x 4.76”W x 1.81”H) 900g (0.4lbs)
  • Connectors: 1x Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB3.0, 1x USB2.0, RJ45, DC Jack, HDMI­ Out (Type A), Micro SD card
  • User Interface: 4 LED beacons for status of video, network, streaming and alert. Remote control via local or Internet IP. Control via WiFi hotspot (optional USB-WiFi)
  • Standard accessories: AC adapter (provided with unit)

Why Use Streambox NODE™

  • Easy operation and unattended usage at any location with Auto Video Routing (set once then node automatically finds the correct encoder)
  • Mobile HD video playout device for TVs and Monitors
  • Small form factor, lightweight, low-power HD video playout device
  • HD video playout up to 8 mbps
  • Setup and configure 10 video channels per device
  • Supports LDMP 2.0 Reliable Transport and UDP networking protocols

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