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Post Production

Easy Collaborative Live Streaming Anywhere

Post-production facilities across the globe incorporate high quality, low cost streaming media delivery solutions over even low-bandwidth IP connections with solutions by Streambox. Streambox Advanced Compression Technology codecs are optimized to process high motion, complex video at lower data rates using an advanced motion search feature. Streambox Chroma solutions support 10 and 12-bit, 4:2:2, and 4:4:4, RGB/XYZ even with 4K HDR encoding at significantly lower data rates. With reliable media transport protocols and mechanisms to a range of playout choices, Streambox enables directors, producers, colorists, VFX creators, and editors remote, real-time collaboration as if they are working in the same location.


Streambox Delivers Solutions to Suit A Variety of Needs

Streambox Cloud Services

Cloud-based services from Streambox offer dependable transport on a global basis with collaboration tools for routing and management designed to support digital cinema, post-production, and creative organizations. Streambox Cloud Services permit users to send private session invitations, share encrypted video, and conduct group review sessions to share live high quality, low latency 4K HDR, UHD HDR, 2K HDR, and HD HDR video for tasks such as review, VFX editing, and color grading.

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Chroma Advanced Encoder / Decoder

The Streambox Chroma platform supports secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows for post-production professionals by providing no compromises low latency 4K HDR, UHD HDR, 2K HDR, and HD HDR video over public and private IP networks of different types. Producers, engineers, and colorists can now deliver real-time services with a bottom line advantage for color gradingVFX creationremote editorial, and final review.

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Optimized Streaming Technologies

The latest generation ACT-L5 Codec delivers up to 12-bit, 4:4:4 RGB color profiles in multiple resolutions required for cinematic, episodic, commercial color grading, and editing. ACT-L5™ not only improves efficiency and quality of encoding, but also improves speed and lowers the system processing load. Specialized Low Delay Multi-Path Protocol (LDMP) provides intelligent utilization of available network paths to achieve higher rates of transport and real-time collaboration with minimal end-to end latency even over public or private IP networks to help reduce operating expenses by accelerating and enhancing post-production projects with effective remote sessions.

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End-to-end encryption with a symmetric key, forms a protective shield around the transport of valuable video content with no increase in stream latency. 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a video security standard add-on for Streambox hardware encoders, decoders, and Streambox Cloud Services, that also permits playout on various software and hardware media players. Video content can only be accessed with a provided encryption key for added security. Using this implementation has lower costs and less setup time versus VPN networking. AES 192-bit and 254-bit Encryption is available upon request!

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Software Defined Solutions

Live streaming workflows can be deployed even with no dedicated hardware requirements with Streambox Cloud Services. Users can employ a project-based solution which is easily scalable by adding cloud, desktop or mobile encoders, and desktop or mobile media players as needed.

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Media Player Choices

In addition to desktop software media players for Windows and Mac OSX, or mobile Mobile Media Player for iPads and iPhones, Chroma and the NODE 2 small form factor device display video content using the ACT-L3/L5 codecs as well as providing multiple audio channels.

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