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  • Billed Annually
  • Data Amount
  • Production Hours
  • Multiple User Accounts
  • Global Video Transport


  • 1 GB
  • 2.5 Hours


$295One Time
$295One Time


$99/ month
$99/ month
  • $1188/year
  • 100 GB/month
  • 250 Hours/month


$499/ month
$499/ month
  • $5988/year
  • 800 GB/month
  • 2000 Hours/month


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All Plans Include

Automatic Archiving

Streambox Cloud will automatically save & archive live video to be viewed later.

Thumbnail Preview

The Streambox Cloud provides a short preview for all archived and live video.

Streambox Media Player

View Any Live Stream from Streambox Media Player.

Streambox App

Upload video from phones and laptops using the Streambox App.

HD Video

Powerful cloud-based HD transcoding for universal streaming on the web and mobile devices.


Streambox Cloud provides live video streaming to YouTube for both 360 and HD video.


Facebook Live is available with Streambox Cloud for live HD video streaming.


Stream Live to Periscope with Streambox Cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are production hours and how are they calculated?

The amount of hours is based a stream with an average bitrate of 1Mbps (megabit per second). Streams with higher bitrates, and sending streams to multiple places at once, will use data at a higher rate and reduce the number of product hours.

What is the data amount and how is it calculated?

Each account has a monthly or one-time data allotment, in gigabytes, which is the amount of data your users can stream to or from the server or download as files.

How is Streambox HLS/HDS Transcoding Different?

Streambox Live Channel’s web playout offers three different levels of video quality so it can play the best quality that fits your internet connection. It will seamlessly drop to a lower-quality stream if your network bandwidth is reduced, and return to full quality as your bandwidth improves, all without stopping the stream.

What if I exceed my included usage?

Your current stream will continue until it is stopped or interrupted. Following that, you will be unable to Route or View your streams from the Cloud Server until your balance is restored.

How do I publish to Multiple Social Media/Web Destinations at the same time?

Add multiple Decoders set to Live Channel mode, and direct them to web destinations such as Youtube, Periscope, or a custom CDN in addition to the Streambox Live Channel Player. Facebook streaming functionality is built directly into the Actions menu. Be sure to always start Facebook streaming first, as that may disconnect other streams to the web.

What is Global Video Transport?

Global Video Transport (GVT) leverages the high reliability and availability of the network backbone lines that connect our Streambox Cloud servers, located at major data centers across the planet. GVT users can route their streams from Cloud Server to Cloud Server so that every user, sending and receiving, is connected to their closest server, and the transmission across the globe is exclusively over high-speed data lines. Learn More

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