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Multi-Location Video

Video Services for Live Streaming


Streambox Cloud

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Streambox Cloud Streaming

Live Streaming

Live streaming from a single source to multiple social media and web / event site destinations is a unique service that saves costs and resources. Streaming to Twitter, YouTube & Facebook in HD & 360 is supported.

Multi-Location Video

Multi-location video quality live videos delivered reliably over the internet is crucial for mission critical broadcasts, live events, video sessions and collaborations. The lower cost end to end service is secure and supports multi-users groups.

All Plans Include

Push / Pull Video

Push or Pull live streams from Streambox Cloud on either side of a firewall

Rule Base Streaming

Automatically route streams to single or group destinations and view video using the free Streambox Media Player

Multi-Location Streaming

Live streams from multiple locations accessed via a single web page or on social media

Streambox Apps

Packaged & free versions SD/HD/4K apps for OSX, Win, iOS, and Android

HD / 2K / 4K Video

Global end-to-end solution for delivering high quality professional videos

Live to Social Media

HD & 360 video streaming to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

Global Video Transport

Reliable, professional quality, low latency video transport via regional servers around the globe

Live Streaming to CDN

RTMP transcoding allows streaming to most CDNs

Streambox Cloud Pricing

Find the Streambox Cloud Package That Meets Your Needs

Choose Plan

  • Billed Annually
  • Data Amount
  • Production Hours
  • Multiple User Accounts
  • Global Video Transport


  • 1 GB
  • 2.5 Hours


$295One Time
$295One Time
  • 250 GB
  • 555 Hours


$99/ month
$99/ month
  • $1188/year
  • 100 GB/month
  • 250 Hours/month


$499/ month
$499/ month
  • $5988/year
  • 800 GB/month
  • 2000 Hours/month


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