Streambox Cloud is a secure live video production infrastructure for video contribution, acquisition and delivery for broadcasts and streaming. Cloud services provide an end to end service including free software encoders, mobile and rackmount hardware encoder and decoder, live video routing, archiving, transcoding, and management of videos for broadcasts, streaming, live production and playout to web video channels.

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Free Cloud Encoder & Streambox Apps for iPhone, Android, Mac & Windows OS that supports SD, HD, 4K & 360 video.

Globally deployed Cloud offers reliable end-to-end video transport over any IP networks from around the globe.

Easy-to-use cloud-based video management using automated metadata-based routing from software and hardware encoders to video playout.

Advanced User and Group policies allow secure, authenticated, worry-free video contribution, distribution & playout.

Powerful cloud-based HD transcoding for universal streaming on the web and mobile devices allows users to publish & share live and archived video on their own channel page.

Dashboard with GEOIP & GPS location on Google Maps. Visual display of field deployed assets with remote access/management for fast and efficient production.


streambox cloud apps

Video Apps for the Cloud

Stream live video to the web and mobile devices using the free Cloud Encoder on Mac/PC laptops and Streambox App on iPhone/Android devices.
Streambox Encoding Software

streambox cloud multi-site

Multi-Site Video Playout

  Streambox Cloud Servers can be streamed live to single or multiple destinations allowing secure video management for live play-out or on-demand video.

streambox cloud global

Global Video Transport

Streambox provides a global network of distribution servers for fast and efficient streaming, routing & video archiving with minimal delay and high quality.

streambox cloud broadcast

Broadcast & Live Events

Cloud infrastructure connects the first to last mile in video contribution, distribution, and streaming for broadcasts and live events, including live video production and management. Stream secure live video from the field to multiple platforms with automated routing.

streambox cloud live

Live Channel Streaming

Broadcast in real-time anywhere in the world with multi format video transcoding to web/mobile devices or directly live-stream to Twitter/PeriscopeYouTube and Facebook. Download Cloud Encoder and App for free, or purchase Avenir Micro/Drone mobile encoding device that support bonded cellular video transport.

streambox cloud virtual reality

Live 360 & VR Video Streaming

Transmit the highest quality live panoramic video with low latency to Twitter/PeriscopeYouTube, Facebook, Streambox CDN, and other custom CDNs supported through built-in multi-bitrate transcoding. Using Streambox Cloud and new Cloud Encoder you can jump into the action of 360 Video. Try for Free

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Deliver live video from the field and transmit live HD video between stations using the newly expanded Streambox Cloud video transport service. With video transport powered by Streambox, you can broadcast live from virtually anywhere with mobile encoding and cloud-based video streaming for easy, fast and reliable transmission at a price point that is impossible to match with traditional video transport systems.

Video streaming in the cloud allows users to stream live video from virtually anywhere in the world without a complex expensive infrastructure of satellite and terrestrial/fixed-link services. The new Streambox Cloud video transport service leverages award-winning ACT-L3 video compression and ground-breaking LDMP multipath networking for extremely reliable transmission at the lowest cost around.

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With Streambox Embedded Cloud, your customers will receive:

  • Full access to Streambox cloud services for IP-based video transmission, management and archiving.
  • Live cloud-based video transmission for location to location transmission or multi-point distribution.
  • Free Software Encoding and Decoding solutions, integrated into the Cloud platform and as standalone software.

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