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IP Video Transport

The use of IP for transporting media is now mainstream. As an industry leader, Streambox was pioneering this methodology beginning in 1999. Surging into the future, Streambox now innovates with streaming apps, and cloud based software as a service infrastructure to virtualize media production on a global scale.

Media Streaming

By delivering unique IP based video streaming solutions over low bandwidth connections, Streambox delivers pixel perfect media everywhere. A range of systems and products enable efficient workflows for a variety of organizations to acquire, manage, share, and stream media anywhere with unlimited scalability at low cost.

Optimal Encoding and Decoding

To provide widespread access to premium quality media even over open, low bandwidth networks, Streambox has developed optimized streaming codecs and transport protocols that utilize all available network paths with faster transmission and play-out to meet the requirements of the most challenging digital media productions.


Streambox Sessions™

Remote, Secure, and Real-Time Collaboration of High Quality, Color-Rich, Content Across Multiple Locations


Streambox Chroma UHD

Ultra High Definition Video Quality Has Never Been easier to Achieve


Chroma X Encoder / Decoder

Rent the Streambox Chroma X Today! Rentals Start at $500/Month



Camera Mountable Mobile Streaming Encoder


Streambox Chroma

Future-Proof Rackmount with HD, 2K, & 4K Upgrade Paths



The All New Portable Lightweight Media Player


Mobile Media Player

Decoder for iPads and iPhones Which Receives Live Video Streams


Multi-Channel Sync Decoder

Manage Video Production with Less Equipment and Reduced Costs


Streambox Solutions

Check Out Streambox Solutions For A Broad Range Of Organizations

Media Post Production

Solutions provide directors, colorists, editors, and other post professionals remote real-time collaboration for pixel perfect tasks such as color grading and VFX editing even in 12-bit, 4:4:4 RGB/XYZ with 4K HDR as if they are working in the same location.

Broadcast Television

Solutions enable low-cost news gathering, video contribution, and cloud media services over wired and wireless IP networks to capture live breaking news and to enhance program content including 12-bit 4:4:4 with UHD HDR pixel perfection.


Solutions for live video streaming and archived video on demand permits multiple groups to consistently communicate, share, and collaborate pixel perfectly while reducing travel, time, and costs.

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