Streambox ACT-L2 video decoder now available for QuickTime via auto-download | Streambox Inc

Streambox ACT-L2 video decoder now available for QuickTime via auto-download

Streambox Releases ACT-L2 Advanced Compression Video Codec

February 3, 2002 Seattle , WA – Streambox Inc. released ACT-L2 advanced compression video codec today.  ACT-L2 compresses video streams up to DVD resolution at bit rates that are sub-megabit.   ACT-L2 now makes it possible to serve up movies and other high quality content over standard broadband connections such as dsl and cable modem.

ACT-L2 is the first and only codec to provide this level of quality at this level of compression.  According to Bob Hildeman, Chairman and CEO of Streambox, “Our unparalleled team of codec specialists in our Moscow, Russia design center give us world class capabilities that few if any other companies can match.  I am not only confident in the superior quality of ACT-L2, but I also know that we will continue to improve it beyond even its current unmatched capability.”

ACT-L2 is a superior codec for compressing video-on-demand content but also other video materials including Internet gaming content, distance learning materials, and consumer home video.  More information about ACT-L2 is available at

About Streambox 
Streambox provides a single platform for all live and file-based video acquisition over IP. The company develops industry-leading solutions for encoding, video management, and play-out for broadcast and broadband based on the innovative ACT-L3™ codec. Our software-based solutions provide unrivaled performance, reliability, and video quality over low data rate wired and wireless IP networks. Streambox solutions enable broadcasters, government agencies, and enterprises and other users to enhance content ownership, simplify operations, and increase operational efficiencies. More information is available at