May 6, 2002 | Streambox Inc
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May 6, 2002

Video Codec achieves superior performance for live encoding

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Video Codec Achieves Superior Performance for Live Encoding Streambox releases RMS™ codec with three to four smaller files than MJPEG

 May 6, 2002 Seattle , WA – Streambox Inc. today announced the release of a new live video encoder, called RMS. Tailored to data critical applications and high motion video, RMS compresses up to four times more than MJPEG. System integrators can save as much as 50% on system costs through hard disk, tape backup and camera signal encoding hardware reductions.

Streambox RMS is an intra-frame encoder that compresses each frame individually, making it ideal for applications needing high frame to frame fidelity, such as surveillance, IP based video conferencing, and safety monitoring applications. The result is a highly constant bit rate compared to inter-frame compression engines such as H.263 or MPEG-4, which have very high bit rate bursts during high motion and can result in lost frames.

“We believe RMS is the ideal solution for live video transmission where high motion is involved, or where public Internet transmission is needed”, explained Mark Waldin, VP of Marketing. “RMS doesn’t suffer from intra-frame compression video ‘hangs’ you often see on Internet transmissions, caused by hundreds of frames being unusable when a single frame is lost during transmission. Additionally, RMS automatically scales to varying bandwidth without requiring multiple bit stream encodings. Individual RMS frames contain increasing amounts of detail down the bit sequence. You can literally cut a frame in half, send only the first half of the bit sequence and still have a very acceptable video.”

RMS is available for immediate deployment and has already been installed in a operational in a production environment at a nuclear power organization in Japan.

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