April 2, 2003 | Streambox Inc
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April 2, 2003

ACT-L3 Next Generation Advanced Compression Video Codec

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New codec advances on the current industry leading, ACT-L2 Codec with improved compression efficiency, scalability and quality.

April 2, 2003 Seattle, WA – Streambox Inc. announces ACT-L3™, next generation advanced compression video codec, today. The new codec is the successor of Streambox’s ACT-L2 codec, which is used in TV broadcasting applications, as well as desktop PC and Macintosh systems. ACT-L3™ compresses video streams from 32kbps CIF up to 8Mbps HDTV 720p and 1080i and digital cinema resolutions while maintaining superior video quality and accurate rendition of high motion sequences. Native support for interlaced video, real-time encoding and decoding, native packetizing technology, and line 21 closed-captioning support are unique features of ACT-L3™. ACT-L3™ not only improves efficiency and quality of encoding, but also improves speed and lowers CPU load.

“Our customers and partners will find ACT-L3™ codec produces significant improvements over ACT-L2. This is due to world class team of video experts we have assembled said, Bob Hildeman, Chairman and CEO of Streambox, “ACT-L3™ core technology allows for broad range of digital video applications for wireless, broadband and HDTV encoding, transmission and decoding.”

Streambox Inc. will demonstrate at the NAB 2003 in Las Vegas: ACT-L3™ ½ D1 Broadcast quality; ACT-L3™ Full D1 DVD quality; and preview the ACT-L3™ HDTV Video Transport Solution. 

The Apple QuickTime version of the ACT-L3™ codec will be available for beta testers after the NAB show.