August 5, 2003 | Streambox Inc
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August 5, 2003

2003 Pan American Games to be Broadcast with Streambox ACT-L3 Video Transport Serial Digital Interface (SDI) System

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An American Equestrian Broadcast Feeds Will Be Transported In Real-Time Over Dual T1 3 Mbps ACT-L3™ Video Transport

August 5, 2003 Seattle, WA. Streambox Inc. ( announced that Streambox’s ACT-L3™ Video Transport System is being utilized to transport live Pan American Games Equestrian Venues over two standard copper telephone lines from Palmarejo Equestrian Center to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The ACT-L3™ system was selected for its realtime high quality video compression of interlaced signal at over 3 times lower datarate than MPEG-2 and the system’s ability to utilize low cost T1 circuits versus fiber network.

ACT-L3™ Video Transport E700 Systems with Serial Digital Interface (SDI, SMPTE-259M and SMPTE 272M) video input and video output were purchased for real-time broadcast quality video and audio encoding, delivery and decoding at 3 Mbps bandwidth over two T1 circuits.

The ACT-L3™ E700 Encoder utilizes Intel’s fastest CPU, Intel P4 3.2 GHz with Hyper Threading technology to encode Full D1 720 x 480 resolution 60 fields at 30 fps. The system provides built-in multiplexing and demultiplexing of data streams over multiple T1 lines. No additional routing or ATM equipment are required. All systems are built on Microsoft Windows XP Pro and are field proven: broadcasters have been transporting network video feeds 24/7 reliably for many months.

The Streambox ACT-L3™ codec used in the systems includes numerous advanced video compression technologies including global motion search, proprietary entropy coding and postfiltering, packetizing for error correction and packet rate shaping to control video flow. All combined provide superior QoS and high quality delivered video.

“We are pleased to be providing the ACT-L3™ Video Transport system to encode, deliver and decode sports video feeds for the Pan American Games” said Bob Hildeman, Chairmen & CEO Streambox Inc. “The purchase validates our value proposition: real-time high quality, high compression broadcast videos delivered economically and reliably over low datarate T1 networks.”

SDI version of ACT-L3™ transport supports embedded audio. Streambox Video Transport systems deliver broadcast quality video over IP, Satellite, Cable, T1 and E1 circuits.