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August 3, 2004

Streambox ACT-L3 Video Transport PNG (Portable Newsgathering) System To Be Deployed For Athens Olympic Games By Belo News Crews

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Belo’s Athens Coverage Team To Position ACT-L3™ Portable Encoder Intel Edition For Live News Reporting Over Satellite Phone And DSL Lines

SEATTLE, WA August 3, 2004 — Streambox Inc., the leader of video compression and real-time video solution for broadcasting and cable, announces that the Belo Corp. news team in Athens will deploy Streambox ACT-L3™ PNG Encoder and ACT-L3™ Decoder for low data rate live news reporting and transmission of high quality news video with Streambox’s Store and Forward video solution.

The ACT-L3™ PNG Intel Edition being deployed in Athens includes many advanced features for real time video transmission from 64 Kbps and up to 5 Mbps and Store and Forward solution for sending high quality news video files over public networks.

The ACT-L3™ Decoder with SDI output will be deployed in Belo’s NBC affiliate KING-TV in Seattle to receive live breaking news video transmissions and store and forward video files over IP based networks.

“The Streambox PNG solution will be an important tool for us to provide timely coverage in Greece for news events away from our main Olympic facilities,” said Greg Thies, KING-TV News Operations Manager. “It is a solution well-suited to meet our needs for low data rate news reporting.”

“We are pleased to provide the Belo crew with our new full featured portable newsgathering system ” said Bob Hildeman, CEO of Streambox Inc. “The ACT-L3™ PNG is a powerful small form factor broadcast video over IP solution that can be easily deployed in few minutes by field news crews.”

The key features of the Streambox ACT-L3™ Portable Encoder Intel Edition are:

Full featured portable encoder with all of the advanced features contained in the rack-mount ACT-L3™ Encoder, up to Full-D1/NTSC resolution in real time

Video and Audio Input via direct DV capture (FireWire/iLink/IEEE-1394)

High quality ACT-L3™ video transmission over low data rate sat-phones and 3G wireless and IP networks. Bitrates from 64kbps to 5 Mbps.

FEC (forward error correction) and Burst Error Protection to recover and cancel large packet loss and overcome network jitter and buffering problems

Software upgradeable for a higher return on your investment.