Streambox cuts 1080i HDTV bandwidth with Real-Time ACT-L3 High Definition Video Encoding | Streambox Inc

Streambox cuts 1080i HDTV bandwidth with Real-Time ACT-L3 High Definition Video Encoding

Real-time low datarate 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps ACT-L3™ HD 1080i & 720P Encoding and Decoding To Be Demonstrated At InterBEE Broadcast Exhibition in Tokyo Nov. 17 – Nov19.

SEATTLE, WA November 1, 2004 — Streambox Inc., the leader of video compression and real-time video solutions for broadcasting, satellite and cable, announces ACT-L3™ HD, providing substantially lower bitrate 1080i HDTV full resolution, full frame, professional quality real-time HD (high-definition) encoders and decoders that operate at SD (standard-definition) MPEG-2 bandwidth. The new ACT-L3™ HD Video Transport System provides broadcasters with the means to deliver High Definition video streams over existing SD-capable network infrastructure.

ACT-L3™ HD is built on the industry’s most advanced compression technology, ACT-L3™ CODEC (Advanced Coding Technology-Level 3) with proprietary transform coding, filtering, global multi-frame motion estimation, context based entropy coding, and advanced progressive and interlaced post-filtering. Built on the field-proven success of ACT-L3™ SD technology, third generation Streambox ACT-L3™ HD encoders and decoders are available now.

ACT-L3™ HD Video Transport System encoders and decoders are enclosed in compact 1U form factors. The Encoder uses four interconnected 64-bit CPUs, compressing real-time 1080i HD-SDI signal into 50%-75% lower bandwidth than MPEG-2 while delivering professional quality video. The ACT-L3™ HD systems are optimized for multiple general purpose CPUs and are software upgradeable with ongoing compression and system software improvements to achieve the highest compression and computational efficiencies. The on going software enhancements provide continual return on HD investment with improvements to video quality, system and network performance.

Advanced ACT-L3™ HD features include 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 color profiles. ACT-L3™ HD 4:2:2 color sampling delivers twice the color information with greater color accuracy.

ACT-L3™ HD Advanced Networking For Reliable HD Video Delivery Over IP Based Wired and Wireless Networks:

The new ACT-L3™ HD encoders and decoders are equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet network ports for multiplexing/demultiplexing of a video stream that can take advantage of lower bitrate, lower cost networks by splitting a video stream over multi-channel IP, satellite and wireless networks. ACT-L3™ HD incorporates advanced FEC (forward error correction) to recover from multiple lost packets. Additional burst error protection is provided to compensate for sustained data loss. Streambox Advanced FEC and Burst Protection are providing a seamless video delivery for viewers around the world.

ACT-L3™ HD incorporates the field proven technology of the ACT-L3™ SD rack mount and portable family of video transport solutions deployed over variety of network types by leading broadcasters, cable companies and satellite operators around the world.

“With usable MPEG 2 HD requiring 12Mbps-29 Mbps of bandwidth, low datarate ACT-L3™ HD at 2 Mbps – 10 Mbps greatly reduces technical barriers to HD video distribution over today’s networks while slashing HD delivery costs,” said Bob Hildeman, Chairman and CEO Streambox Inc. “Our ACT-L3™ HD business model is built on continual development and rapid deployment of improvements via software upgrades that allows our customers to maximize HD investment and take advantage of the changing HD video delivery landscape within the broadcast, cable, satellite and telecom industries.”

Broadcasters, film production companies, defense, government and educational institutions and other enterprises can add optional ACT-L3™ HD Store and Forward to stream live video to disk and create a file that can be forwarded for editing or later viewing. For HD encoding, transmission, and store and forward, the new ACT-L3™ HD encoder and decoder solution is a powerful next generation HD solution for newsgathering, entertainment, sports, conferencing, film, video contribution and distribution.

  • ACT-L3™ HD Key Features:
  • Industry standard SMPTE-292M HD-SDI interface
  • Low data rate HDTV – from 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps
  • Adjustable Latency – 350 milliseconds to 10 seconds
  • HDTV 1080i or 720p video standard
  • Interlaced video formats supported: 1920x1080i, 1440x1080i, 1280x1080i, 960x1080i @ 29.97 or 25 fps.
  • Progressive video formats supported: 1280x720p, 960x720p, 848x720p, 640x720p @ 59.94 or 50 fps.
  • FEC – forward error correction adjustable from 0% – 50%, includes Parity, Reed-Solomon, and Shuffle
  • Burst error protection – adjustable, to recover from consecutive packet loss
  • Works over existing IP Networks in multicast, unicast or broadcast mode
  • Networking – two Gigabit Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000 Mbps)
  • Multiplexing & de-multiplexing over multiple channels of IP
  • Embedded HD-SDI and AES Audio
  • Optional Store & Forward- store file to hard disk and forward