Streambox Homeland Security Solution Featured at GV Expo 2006 | Streambox Inc

Streambox Homeland Security Solution Featured at GV Expo 2006

SEATTLE  Nov. 27, 2006 — Streambox Homeland Security Solution  Streambox, Inc. (Booth #1405) is announcing for GV Expo 2006 that its ACT-L3™ portable video transport system is now available for emergency and non-emergency law enforcement and public safety applications. The system delivers live and stored broadcast video over low data-rate connections such as broadband, BGAN, and other available IP networks. It facilitates real-time viewing of unfolding disasters and emergencies and enables government and relief organizations to quickly assess and respond to crises. 

Typically used for mobile newsgathering via broadband or IP, Streambox solutions, including the company’s real-time portable and compact video transport systems, are ideal when portability, flexibility, and a low power requirement are needed. The systems support 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 color profiles, ensuring excellent picture quality through robust forward error correction and burst error protection. Performance, reliability, and low end-to-end latency are hallmarks of Streambox solutions. These features, inherent in all Streambox systems, ensure unrivaled video quality at low data rates for a wide range of applications.

During power outages Streambox systems seamlessly switch to battery power and continue to deliver live video without interruption. This was demonstrated during the Strong Angel III emergency preparedness exercise in San Diego earlier this year. Streambox systems can be deployed in manned or unmanned aircraft or assigned to, for example, relief organizations or local authorities on the scene. The ability to transmit high quality video even from the most challenging locations and under less than ideal circumstances provides local, state, and federal agencies with an invaluable tool for rapid assessment of real-life emergency situations. Streambox video transport systems provide high quality video transport and reliable performance for any public safety purposes and applications.