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Store and Forward Server Used to Streamline Local Broadcaster’s Avid Workflow

By January 5, 2010Success Stories


The Streambox Platform can be easily integrated into existing broadcast systems.

Streambox has recently incorporated our Store and Forward Server with a Philly based broadcaster and their Avid NewsCutter system.  Avid NewsCutter gives broadcasters the ability to quickly edit and mix video into their productions.

Using Streambox in their workflow, raw footage is captured as an ACT-L3 file, giving extremely good quality for the file size.  Field journalists then use the Streambox Store and Forward client software to upload the files.  The small file size and the UDP based file transfer tool makes the upload incredibly fast, saving valuable time.  When the transfer is complete, the Store and Forward server automatically transcodes the raw files into a format readable by their Avid NewsCutter system, and copies the file to a special folder.  Editors at the station can then import the video, edit the story, and publish it out to their playback server to put it on the air.

Streambox’ compatibility with Avid helps to streamline the workflow, reducing the amount of tasks and time spent, while increasing content.

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