Recap: 3G Cellular Bonding Webinar | Streambox Inc

Recently, Streambox hosted a Webinar to demonstrate 3G cellular bonding technology available with the Streambox Software Encoder for the Mac OS platform.  By bonding two 3G Cellular Air Cards, customers are able to increase their bandwidth and video quality.  During the Webinar, the bonding technology was demonstrated live along with the Streambox Live Service and video sent through the iPhone app that is currently in Beta testing.

During our demonstration, the bandwidth of the single AT&T modem was approximately 950Kbps and the single Verizon modem was approximately 650Kbps.  The average latency we experienced was 2-3 seconds.  This latency was due primarily to the required additional receive jitter buffer setting on the decoder.  No FEC was used during the webinar demonstration.   The demonstration also utilized Streambox DBN ( Dynamic bandwidth Negotiations).  This is a simple one time setting of the upper limit of the combined two USB 3G/4G card bandwidth. Once this setting is selected,  the Streambox Encoder software will automatically adjust to the bandwidth for uninterrupted video transmission.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about this Webinar please email for a file copy of the presentation.

Below is the webinar using the 3G cellular bonding technology:

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