Streambox Full Frame HD 3D Encoder/Decoder Will be Exhibited at Seoul International 3D Fair 2011 by New Partner Acetel | Streambox Inc

Streambox Full Frame HD 3D Encoder/Decoder Will be Exhibited at Seoul International 3D Fair 2011 by New Partner Acetel

Streambox and Acetel Form a New Partnership to Advance 3D Technology

SEATTLE — Jan. 10, 2011 — Streambox products will be exhibited at Seoul International 3D Fair 2011 in Seoul, South Korea January 13-16 in association with Acetel Co., LTD. “We are pleased to be introducing our latest product, the Streambox HD 3D 1-RU Encoder/Decoder to the Korean market with our new reseller Acetel,” said Bob Hildeman, CEO of Streambox. “3D video is at the forefront of the broadcasting world and Streambox is excited to be able to deliver this technology.”

Streambox Full Frame HD 3D 1-RU Encoder/Decoder

The latest Streambox product is the world’s first low-latency full-frame left and full-frame right 4:2:2 HD 3D 1-RU Encoder/Decoder. The HD 3D Encoder/Decoder is built on the company’s award-winning ACT-L3 video compression technology, and includes all advanced video and networking features found in existing Streambox professional video products including integrated FEC and the ability to multiplex and de-multiplex a HD 3D stream. The HD 3D Encoder/Decoder supports full-frame left and full-frame right 4:2:2 HD video capture and compression with sub-second end-to-end Full HD 3D capture to playout with an adjustable latency setting. The compact 1-RU solution is ideal for industries focusing on professional quality 3D video acquisitions, such as post-production, sports broadcasting, and Government/Military. Designed for low-bandwidth HD 3D video acquisition and transport, the Streambox HD 3D Encoder/Decoder enables users to capture and transmit live and file-based 3D video over existing HD bandwidth.

Acetel will be showing additional Streambox products at the Seoul International 3D Fair such as Avenir, SBT3-9300, and Streambox Live.

About Streambox
Streambox focuses on IP-based, end-to-end newsgathering and contribution services. It delivers SD and HD software and hardware for video compression, transmission, management and playout. The Streambox Live™ service supplements the Streambox platform with free encoding software and server-based services for scalable newsgathering and contribution.

Streambox solutions are based on the industry-leading ACT-L3™ codec, which provides unrivaled performance, reliability, and quality over low data rate IP networks for fast transmission and playout of video streams in HD and SD. The company’s platform enables broadcasters, government agencies, enterprises, and other users to enhance content ownership, simplify operations, and increase operational efficiencies.

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