LDMP 2.0 Technology | Streambox Inc

Exclusive to Streambox, the new Low Delay Multi-Path Protocol (LDMP) 2.0 technology is a reliable protocol that automatically monitors all available IP networks and uses connections dynamically within a predefined latency and bandwidth window.

LDMP is a reliable protocol, which means there is two-way communication between the encoder and the decoder. Once the decoder receives each packet, it sends confirmation to the encoder. LDMP differs from standard technology used in the past called User Datagram Protocol (UDP). UDP uses only one-way communication between the encoder and the decoder. The encoder sends video packets to the decoder and does not verify if the decoder receives the delivery or not. Another drawback of UDP is that it also requires increased Forward Error Correction (FEC) in order to make it reliable. LDMP uses less FEC than UDP, allowing more available bandwidth to send video.

LDMP technology will allow users to set their own latency requirements, and efficiently maximize available bandwidth to dynamically adjust to the latency needs and changing network conditions.

LDMP 2.0 is currently available in the Streambox Avenir LTE version, and will be released in all Streambox products. LDMP 2.0 will be available on OS X Software Encoder in January 2012, followed by the Windows Software Encoder, iPhone, and Android devices in the beginning of February 2012.

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