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Skywalker Sound Chooses Streambox to Improve Collaboration with Clients on Post-Production Projects

Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Company, Depends on Streambox Solutions to Transport Major Video Projects, Streamlining Post-Production Workflow

SEATTLE — March 6, 2012 — Streambox, Inc. today announced that Skywalker Sound has chosen the Streambox platform to improve communication efforts of their post-production workflow by leveraging the industry-leading IP-based solution to send video and audio. This enables Skywalker Sound to collaborate with clients located anywhere in the world, facilitating real-time feedback and approval on projects to yield high quality end results, but without wasting valuable production time on traveling. The end-to-end Streambox solution allows Skywalker Sound to align 7.1 audio against video picture for the editing phase of post-production projects that require delivery over less than ideal public Internet connections. Using Streambox 9300 Encoders and Decoders, Skywalker Sound is able to achieve 2-second latency with 15 Mbps over an encrypted VPN. Providing high quality video and audio to their clients lets Skywalker Sound interact simultaneously while obtaining the precise feedback involved in all facets of the post-production sound process.

“Because public Internet networks are sometimes an unreliable way to send video, the ability to maintain high quality is a huge priority for us, and there are times that logistically the public Internet is the only connection between ourselves and our clients.” said Steve Morris, Director of Engineering for Skywalker Sound. “Other options required 150+ Mbps to preserve the high quality, so Streambox was a clear choice for us in these applications because we can achieve very good results with a fraction of the bandwidth.”

A leader in sound design, editing, and mixing for a wide range of productions including blockbuster feature films and documentaries, Skywalker Sound previously would travel to the client’s whereabouts to hand deliver and review files for approval. With a high percentage of their client base in Los Angeles, frequent travel time from Marin County accumulated rapidly. Streambox enables Skywalker Sound to eliminate physical travel to their client’s location when needed, yet still emulate the experience of working with their clients as if they were in the studio. Conducting what they call a “mix review,” Skywalker Sound is able to share encrypted audio along with video of the actual scene for their client to evaluate remotely over the public Internet. Collaborating in real-time allows filmmakers and producers located anywhere to make decisions faster in a mix review session with reliable high-quality results.

“The technical aspects are superior as well. Streambox can do 23.98 psf using their ACT-L3 video compression technology with 7.1 192 Kbits/s per channel AAC audio encoding, whereas their competition only offers stereo audio,” said Morris. “The FEC [Forward Error Correction] maintains the quality of the sound and picture on problematic networks, which is essential for our workflows.“

Skywalker Sound plans to continue utilizing the great versatility of Streambox technology to develop and expand their applications that require low cost delivery of high quality video and audio, and even extend their use of Streambox to additional locations.

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About Skywalker Sound

Skywalker Sound is a Lucasfilm Ltd. company serving the digital needs of the entertainment industry for audio post-production. Skywalker Sound is one of the largest, most versatile full-service audio post-production companies in the industry. Skywalker Sound pioneered the use of digital audio tie-line to link the facility to locations anywhere in the world, in real time. This gives directors, producers, actors, and editors the ability to listen to mixes “live” from any of Skywalker’s stages in the comfort of their own home, on location, or anywhere they can access a high speed internet connection.

Skywalker Sound also takes advantage of recent breakthroughs by Industrial Light & Magic to further enhance the technical expertise required in digital audio post-production. Skywalker Sound offers comprehensive post-production services and utilizes the talents of Academy Award-winning sound professionals working on sound design, editorial, Foley and re-recording mixes as a team. This provides filmmakers the most efficient model available for the audio post-production process.

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About Streambox

Streambox focuses on IP-based, end-to-end newsgathering and contribution services. It delivers SD and HD software and hardware for video compression, transmission, management and playout. The Streambox Live™ service supplements the Streambox platform with free encoding software and server-based services for scalable newsgathering and contribution.

Streambox solutions are based on the industry-leading ACT-L3 AP™ codec, which provides unrivaled performance, reliability, and quality over low data rate IP networks for fast transmission and playout of video streams in HD and SD. The company’s platform enables broadcasters, government agencies, enterprises, and other users to enhance content ownership, simplify operations, and increase operational efficiencies.

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