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Cathedral of Praise Uses Streambox Multi-Campus Solution

By November 14, 2013Success Stories


Cathedral of Praise was established in 1954 in the city of Manila in the Philippines. The church grew at a rapid rate and currently has a congregation in the thousands. The main campus is in Manila led by senior pastor Dr. David Sumrall. Its network of churches consists of the East Campus at the Shangrila Mall, the South Campus at the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang and 4 branch churches in Bataan, Batangas, Davao and Cebu.

The church wanted to increase interaction between these locations and better foster a sense of community using live video streaming technology. They host a number of events at the various locations, which they wanted to share live.

They also integrate reports of missionaries working in remote locations into their services. Their main concerns in looking for a video encoder were reliability and interactivity.

For broadcasting live video streams between campuses, Cathedral of Praise turned to Streambox for two-way video encoders, the SBT3-9400, and an Enterprise Server. Equipped with these tools, Cathedral of Praise broadcasts services and events live to multiple locations while simultaneously receiving real-time video and audio back from the different campuses. The live HD/SD quality video is encoded and routed to the multiple sites with low latency. The video is sent reliably over public IP networks.

Cathedral of Praise also uses the StreamboxME Pro App for iPhones allowing members to capture live video of different projects outside the church such as missionary work. Using only an iPhone and a 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi connection missionaries can send live video of their progress to the church to be integrated into services or to keep leadership up-to-date with situations in the field.

With multiple Streambox video tools working in concert, Cathedral of Praise is an ideal deployment of the Streambox Multi-Campus Solution. The combined results of the SBT3-9400, Enterprise Server, and StreamboxME Pro provided the church with the interactivity, reliability, and field reporting that they sought. To learn more about Streambox solutions for houses of worship please visit us at: Streambox House of Worship Solutions.

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