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Avenir Mini 3.0 Software Upgrade, Available Now

The new Streambox Avenir Mini 3 is designed for Broadcasters to capture live news content 24/7 for on-air broadcasts from anywhere in the world. The new 3.0 software upgrade optimizes the Mini for both Domestic and International cellular networks. The Avenir Mini 3.0 Software Upgrades include:

  • Built-in control for Hughes and Thrane&Thrane Explorer  terminals for seamless BGAN transmissions anywhere in the world
  • Panasonic camera support allowing users to adjust meta-data from the camera viewfinder as well as from Avenir Mini
  • Major update to Modem Configuration and Status, LTE/3G band selection, APN detection, color codes for active and non-active SIM cards
  • Quick connectivity to the Streambox Signal Extender to bond an additional six 4G/LTE modems for increased bandwidth, especially in congested or poor cellular coverage areas
  • Custom button for most used one click video and network preset
  • Visual statistics of network sessions

Avenir Mini 3 still maintains an easy-to-use one click streaming feature, which utilizes Streambox exclusive technology called Low Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) networking to automatically pick the best possible bandwidth, latency, and resolution. All of this comes in the same small form factor and with a lower power consumption providing unparalleled mobility for news crews of all sizes.

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