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Find Out How TheMET Church Integrated the Streambox Multi-Site Solution


TheMET-ChurchTheMET Church is a multi-site church with a primary campus in Houston, TX and a second campus in Cypress, TX. As its congregation grew, TheMET Church wanted a way to stream from either church to the other on any given Sunday. Their initial workflow only allowed them to stream from the Houston location to Cypress. On a recommendation from NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC, TheMET Church looked into Streambox Multi-Site Streaming Solutions.

The Streambox half duplex HD 9300 Encoders offered TheMET Church the added flexibility of streaming from either site with a simple change in settings, such that either Encoder could also serve as a Decoder. This meant that either Houston or Cypress could host the sermon and stream to the other location, where a Streambox HD Encoder would be functioning as a Decoder.

The new workflow runs from a Streambox Encoder at the site streaming the service, for instant recording and playback, to the receiving site where the stream is decoded and played out. TheMET Church has a 10Mbps Metro-E connection between the two campuses and streams at 6500 Kbps. They experience a latency of five frames and enjoy stunning video quality.
Future plans for using Streambox at TheMET Church include solutions for overflow venues and additional campuses. TheMET Church cites Streambox flexibility and ability to expand among the greatest benefits of the solution.

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