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Streambox 3D-IMAG Enables Synchronised Multi-Stream HD Video for Multi-Campus Houses of Worship

Fort Worth, TX & Seattle, WA Christ Chapel Bible Church, known as one of the leading ministries in Fort Worth, Texas, was looking for a unique solution to grow their congregation by way of delivering Sunday services to multiple campuses throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They wanted to create an engaging, immersive experience for all members of the congregation by streaming video from the congregation’s main campus to satellite campuses using time and frame synchronized, dual-source HD video, encompassing close-ups of the pastor as well as wide shots of the church venue, with an integrated, reliable IP-based video transport in order to stream the video to multiple locations in real time. Streambox, a Seattle based video technology company pioneer for network-bonded IP video transport solutions, was able to offer Christ Chapel Bible Church the end-to-end solution they were looking for.

The new Streambox 3D-IMAG allows Christ Chapel to combine two separate full-frame video streams into one easily managed, low-latency video transport stream. This solution grants Christ Chapel the ability to focus on streaming high quality HD IMAG video to multiple locations with no technical hurdles.

The Streambox 3D-IMAG solution has allowed Christ Chapel to overcome two challenges, while delivering worship services to multiple locations at different times during the day.

First, Christ Chapel required capture of full-frame HD video signals from two different cameras synchronized into a single video stream. One camera providing a close up of the pastor and another camera providing a wide shot of the worship venue. Both videos will provide IMAG with Genlock of video source with synchronized video and audio, with zero video frame shift between two video sources from a single video stream.

Second, Christ Chapel required a centralized video management solution that would allow the production teams to collaborate on the live video productions and allow for simple management and delivery of all video content. Streambox Enterprise Server was employed by Christ Chapel to securely receive, route, archive and distribute all of the video content between all of Christ Chapel’s campuses. The enhanced workflows provided by the Enterprise Server enabled automated video streaming and routing of all of the HD content, time-shift capabilities for live video content, video archival capabilities, secure video sharing via email of both live and files based videos, Interrupted Feedback Broadcast (IFB) communication to production staff, and integrated confidence monitoring capabilities.




The Streambox 3D-IMAG encoder, Enterprise Server management solution, and rackmount decoders enabled Christ Chapel to streamline production workflows and to easily acquire, manage, and playout live and file-based multi-stream video. The effectiveness of Streambox 3D-IMAG synchronized HD video, coupled with the Streambox Enterprise Server management suite provides an end-to-end solution allowing Christ Chapel Bible Church to securely capture, manage and stream the highest quality low-latency video across any network.


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