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Streambox Live Event Series Presents: Streambox 9200 Units on Tour!

Find Out How Media Stream Wave Streams Live Music Festivals Using High Quality, Low-Cost Video Transport Solutions with Streambox 9200 HD Rackmount Units

Delivering high-quality contribution video over the low cost public Internet to reduce cost of video transport is one of the most difficult challenges faced by online media companies and broadcasters. Now, more than ever, with the growth of online video, the move to low cost video contribution and distribution over the Internet is in high demand; instead of satellites or MPLS networks for HD/SDI video transport from venue to studio.

When multi-platform media companies are in search of a low cost, no carrier fee video transport solution, Azuolas Sinkevicius, owner of Media Stream Wave always has the right answer. “Streambox provides the best HD-SDI broadcast quality transport over IP”, says Sinkevicius. Which is why he was confident when suggesting the implementation of Streambox Video Transport, 9200 Encoders and Decoders to transmit live video from Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN to the master control room in Santa Monica, CA over the public Internet.

Media Stream Wave is a full service webcast and broadcast transmission production company for video and audio, providing live streaming for music festivals, such as Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza & Pitchfork. Most recently, Streambox 9200 HD Units were deployed for video transmission during Bonnaroo 2015. The main role was video contribution feed of four live video channels to the master control room in Santa Monica.  These four units ran 24 hours a day, from Thursday, June 11th at noon to Monday, June 15th at 6am. The Streambox Video Transport units worked seamlessly, offering adaptive bitrate encoding integrated with LDMP reliable video transport.



“Streambox Technical Support did a great job supporting this live event. They were monumentally patient and able to solve problems quickly by suggesting optimized bandwidth and LDMP reliable video transport settings”, says John Leland, Digital TV Producer for Bonnaroo. The solution was extremely reliable, providing no loss of airtime and the fourth pair was used when switching from performances. The Streambox 9200s were an economical decision that fit the budget, allowing broadcast quality video transport over Public Internet to successfully complete the first leg of Bonnaroo’s livestream workflow. Once the stream reached the studio, the video was re-encoded to MPEG, transmitted over IP individually into Cisco MPPS then moved to LiveStream Planet, which was then decoded and sent over for online streaming. With an extremely reliable end-to-end solution, Media Stream Wave now has an expandable means of securely transporting the highest quality, low-latency broadcast quality video over any IP network, while reducing cost and the people needed to run a successful live streaming production. Streambox is excited to be a part of this unique workflow and will look forward to serving more customers with needs similar to Media Stream Wave.

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