AVENIRMicro Air-To-Ground Communication for Public Safety | Streambox Inc

On Monday November 16th, 2015 the Regional All-Hazards Disaster Preparedness Helicopter External Load Exercise took place at Port of Seattle, Terminal 5.  During this exercise, Streambox deployed four AVENIRMicro™ Modular Mobile Video Encoder Units and Cloud-Based Streaming Technology (see schematic map below) from the King Co. Guardian II helicopter, two ground heliports, a command vehicle & two onsite observer for live video distribution and delivery coverage to offsite observers for review. This multi-agency exercise is a joint effort involving multiple helicopters for emergency preparedness training. These exercises are conducted to give emergency responders better training for rescue situations such as those that took place after the Oso mudslide in 2014. The helicopter activity included moving heavy loads of cargo, equipment and personnel. Inside the command vehicle all 4 video streams (see below) were sent via the Cloud and received in under 3 seconds at high quality and low latency. The Streambox ViewPort, a remote viewing application was created for off site viewers with all four video feeds displayed with a 20 seconds delay.

Getting live video reports from disaster areas as events unfold can be a logistical and technical challenge. Relief organizations and government agencies need a way to acquire mobility for real-time newsgathering as a means to send video and audio reports in a timely manner back to decision makers for rapid assessment and response. Frequently the systems are operated by a non-technical staff so system simplicity, flexibility, and reliability are critical. Even when all land-based networks have been knocked out, Streambox technology provides dependable agility in gathering disaster intelligence faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.







To learn more visit: www.streambox.com/public-safety or www.streambox.com/micro-port-exercise

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