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micronewAVENIRMicro & AVENIRDrone encoders: Expanding and adding to their unique modular and stackable design. The next generation mobile encoder for bonded cellular video transmissions for streaming and newsgathering now comes with many add-on options to increase mobility and connectivity.

AVENIRMicro and AVENIRDrone are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, Streambox ACT-L3 Video compression and automated LDMP Video transport for video contribution over 3G, 4G, Wifi, SNG and DNG networks.

New add-ons available:

  • Embedded modem module with four 3G/4G LTE modems with innovative retractable antenna design.
  • Embedded modem module supporting external antennas for industrial video streaming applications.
  • New LCD UI for easy operations and simple menu navigation for non-technical users. Easy access for IFB channel and volume selection.       
  • New simplified web and mobile UI for remote access via Wi-Fi for system controls, monitoring and use.
  • Newly optimized  ACT-L3 video encoder for improved video quality with encoding bitrate increased up to 18 mbps HD encoding.
  • H-Clip and T- Clip carrying clips with integrated Canon battery support.
  • Support for public Wi-Fi hotspot usage.
  • G-mount & V-mount battery support: Custom top plate options to support IDX, Anton Bauer and similar batteries for 4-8 hours of continuous operation.

MicroIn Signal Extender: Hybrid cellular bonding backpack device integrated with the AVENIRMicro inside of an amplified signal extender. This integration provides bonded video transmissions from congested areas with heavy cellular use or in areas where cellular signal is very poor. Integrated with either five or ten embedded modems with V/G-mount batteries for 3-6 hours of continuous operations.

Cloud-Icon-New-BlueStreambox Cloud: Expanding cloud services with many new features and improvements to globally deployed cloud servers.

Streambox Cloud is deployed in 14 locations around the world offering professional services for end-to-end global video routing and transport, live and file-based video acquisition and management, and video transcoding service for tripleplay web and mobile video streaming. Easily capture, manage, and stream SD, HD, and 4K video from multiple sources around the world for multi-location video acquisition while simultaneously streaming videos to web and mobile clients. Streambox Cloud is designed for video professionals in broadcast, web streaming, post-production, house of worship, enterprise, government and military industries.


New Streambox Cloud features:

  • Geo IP with Google Maps Integration: See and locate where video streams are originating from for location awareness and asset tracking.
  • Avenir Dashboard: The Dashboard tab on the Streambox Cloud web page provides a complete list of deployed encoders with asset information as follows:
  1. Add and view encoder assets
  2. Notifications when live streaming, last activity and location
  3. GPS location on Google Maps
  4. Remote access encoders for control and configuration
  5. Real-time data on streaming data rate and device information
  • HD web and mobile video distribution: H264 multi-bitrate transcoding and streaming
  • Video file time shift playout for remote multi-location delayed video playout
  • Live video cue-once video location marking for remote multi-location video playout




Streambox NODE: A low-cost, small form factor HDMI video playout device for connected TVs.


  • Receive and playout ACT-L3 HD & SD video directly from any Streambox encoder and video from Streambox Cloud
  • Supports LDMP 2.0 Reliable Transport and UDP networking protocols
  • Video Formats:  HD: 1080i/59.94, 1080i50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50;  SD: (NTSC): 525i/59.94, (PAL): 576i/50
  • Audio Formats: AAC Stereo and Mono, CELP, GSM 1­channel
  • Connectors: HDMI output, 2 x USB 3.0, RJ 45,
  • User Interface: 4 LED beacons for status of video, network, streaming and alert. Remote control via local or Internet IP. Control via WiFi hotspot (optional USB-WiFi)
  • Operation: Front panel buttons for Start/Stop function & Remote control via Web
  • Physical: 116mmW x 121mmD x30mmH (4.57”D x4.76”W x1.81”H) 900g(0.4lb)
  • Low power consumption DC 5V, 10 W


HDSD-Hybrid-Software-Encoder-Streambox Hybrid Software Encoder for OSX Update: The key new feature added to the Hybrid Software encoder update is Automated LDMP transport for reliable video transmission over wireless, wired and Internet networks. The automated LDMP detects network conditions as changes occur dynamically and adjusts pack redundancy, packet recovery to amount of packet  loss to overcome network changes for reliable, high quality video playout. The Hybrid encoder continues to be a workhorse for many broadcasters, post-production houses, enterprises and live video production professionals for video contribution and streaming over 3G,4G, Wi-Fi, SNG, DNG and internet networks.



About Streambox

Founded in 1999, Streambox is an industry leading pioneer developing ultra-efficient IP based video streaming solutions and cloud based streaming services. Streambox delivers mobile video everywhere, allowing companies and organizations to broadcast, share, and stream video from anywhere with unlimited scalability. The Streambox family of professional live and file-based HD/SD software and hardware for video transport, management, and playout streamlines the workflow for all broadcasting and streaming needs. Streambox technology is based on the ACT-L3™ proprietary video compression which allows faster encoding with low-latency and adaptive bitrate streaming over public and private networks.

Learn more at  www.streambox.com

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