May 8th, 2016: Wings for Life World Run | Streambox Inc

We are proud to announce that Streambox will be supporting the Wings for Life World Run on May 8th!

The World Run has been organized by the Wings for Life foundation with one goal in mind: Finding a cure for spinal cord injury. The World Run is a one-day event with organized runs in 34 cities across the globe, aiming to get the whole world running at the same time. A unique aspect of the World Run is its use of “Catcher Cars” instead of a traditional finish line. Runners must outpace the catcher car for as long as possible rather than reaching the end of a course. 

The US leg of the race includes events in Sunrise, Florida and Santa Clarita, California. Streambox worked with Ocean Watch Productions to provide bonded cellular video capture plus transmission from onsite locations in United States. The video is being sent to RedBull Media House for editing and global distribution. Check the World Run locations page to see if there’s an event near you! Runners are also encouraged to participate on their own using the Wings for Life World Run mobile app, available on iOS and Android.


Wings for Life will be using the Streambox mobile app to capture video of the event. They will also be utilizing four Streambox AVENIRMicros with modem modules (two at each US location) where the video is transmitted over bonded cellular network to the RedBull media house enterprise server in Santa Monica, California for live video production on Wings for Life event this weekend.

We are so glad to be able to support such a great cause, and can’t wait to check out the footage!

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