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Colorado Springs School District 11 needed a way to broadcast their sports and events live in high definition. They chose the Streambox 9300 series rackmount system because of its quality video, reliable stream, and support of standard definition and HD video. A District team member said that the integration with Streambox gives them a, “quicker setup and better action video.”

The District was an early adopter that has been broadcasting since 1968 when cable was just being introduced. In 2002 the District purchased a production truck to broadcast (tape delayed) varsity sports and other academic events. The District installed a fiber optic backbone for the network between all schools and facilities (50+buildings) in 2006. They immediately began taking advantage of the fiber optics for live productions without a tape delay, but they still were using the standard definition MPEG2. As the District prepared for a full switch to HD they replaced equipment that was capable of handling both standard definition for the current cable and high definition for the future.

The school district upgraded their transmission system with single channel Streambox 9300 series encoder and decoder units. The Streambox 9300 HD/SD 1-RU rackmount system encodes, transmits, and plays out live and file-based HD or SD video streams. Each individual unit can be set to either encode or decode to build a flexible system (from one encoder and decoder for point-to-point transmission or multiple encoders and decoders for multiple source gathering and playout with the addition of an Enterprise Server). Video is compressed using proprietary ACT-L3: providing higher-quality encoding with low latency and for consistent, reliable streaming, and transmitted with LDMP (Low Delay Multi-Path) technology that monitors and adjusts to changing network conditions for the fastest delivery possible (over any IP network including: WiFi, 3G, 4G LTE, wireless Internet, and wired Internet).

The Streambox 9300 system went online at the beginning of the school year in 2014 and they immediately saw an improvement to the live signal, especially in basketball. The Streambox support team helped with remote configuration and adjusting the LDMP settings for optimal transmission for the units to work perfectly together. Now the District uses their Streambox every time they do a remote production. Last school year they successfully ran 110 productions total, 77 of which were done live using the Streambox 9300, covering all types of events, from kindergarten musicals to varsity sports.

Overall, the Colorado Springs District School 11 was very happy with the decision to use Streambox solutions. One team member said, “I have been quite happy with the Streambox 9300 units we have been using for a year now. We had one issue during the year and the solution was to reboot the decoder over the network from the encoder; took all of about 2 minutes to solve.”

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