CNDY Factory Interviews Alex Telitsine, CTO, Streambox @SIFFX Seattle | Streambox Inc

CNDY Factory Interviews Alex Telitsine, CTO, Streambox @SIFFX Seattle

The “SIFFx” event is a brand-new four-day festival within the Seattle International Film Festival showcasing the most current and creative thinking in virtual reality/VR, augmented reality/AR and 360°immersion. I want to give the SIFFx team a big round of applause for pulling together both the best speakers in the VR/360 storytelling business as well as the technology to make it all happen.


Streambox was able to achieve the first ever 360 live streaming at SIFFx. Streambox was founded in 1999 and are an industry leading pioneer delivering unique IP based video streaming solutions over low bandwidth connections. Streambox’s vision is to become the most valuable provider of mobile video everywhere, based on their video devices, streaming software and cloud infrastructure. Streambox works with industries such as broadcast, enterprise, live events, education, and public safety

StreamboxVR allows you to encode, capture, stitch, and convert live 360 video to a stream-able format and view it in high quality live on a headset, browser, or app. Streambox Cloud Encoder allows you to encode and stream Full HD 1080p 30fps video from the Ricoh Theta’s HDMI port. Streambox Cloud will convert and deliver a video stream to a YouTube 360 Live Event.

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Streambox has created a new branch of live streaming called StreamboxVR which has revealed a new software encoder that broadcasts live 360 video. Automated for 1-click 360 streaming, the OS X software encoder contains integrated video stitching, lens correction, and 360 camera specific presets designed for seamless live HD and 360 video streaming to Streambox Cloud. The adaptive bitrate encoder is capable of encoding full frame rate and full resolution 1920 x1080 360 videos from 2 Mbps to 30 Mbps in real time.

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