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Streambox introduced External Audio Support in its latest release of Cloud Encoder for OSX. Now, users have their choice of the embedded audio from the video source (HDMI or SDI) or audio from an external source. For example, this feature could be used where a wireless microphone system is being employed.

To ensure you have the external audio feature, click the ‘Streambox Cloud Encoder’ menu, select ‘Check for updates’, and make sure you have the latest version.

After your external microphone is plugged in, from the ‘Service’ menu select ‘Audio’. From the ‘Audio’ list select the desired microphone and that’s it, you are now set to use an external microphone to voice live streams.

You can check the status of your audio input from the Status Box. If it is hidden, click the right‐chevron button and the Status Box will slide out to the right. Select the ‘Encoder’ tab on the top (between the ‘Network’ and ‘Statistics’ tabs). Then, in the ‘Audio’ panel, you can verify that your input is working by tapping on the microphone and seeing if the levels monitor responds accordingly.

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