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Gospel Channel, a Christian TV station in Iceland, needed to send high quality video between its US and Scandinavian studios via a 4 Mbps connection. Using a Streambox AVENIRMicro, with it’s low bandwidth consumption, reliable point-to-point connections, high quality image, and low cost transmissions over Streambox Cloud Services was the perfect solution.

Gospel Channel was the first station in Scandinavia to broadcast Christian content. Now, after 24 years on air, from their studios in Iceland, Norway, and Florida, Gospel Channel can reach 80% of Iceland’s population through terrestrial transmitters and cable systems as well as 12 million homes in the UK, Ireland, and Scotland through satellite.

gospel1At first, being constrained to 4 Mbps bandwidth, Gospel Channel struggled to establish good connectivity for their studio in Orlando, Florida. Instead of resorting to costly ways to improve their network, Gospel Channel used Streambox to deliver the high quality video they needed at a lower bandwidth using the AVENIRMirco mobile encoder and Streambox Cloud Services.

The AVENIRMirco video encoder compresses incoming video with a proprietary codec: Advanced Compression Technology – Level 3 (ACT-L3). ACT-L3 is optimized for efficiency, low bandwidth, and high video fidelity. In addition, Streambox employs Low Delay Multi-Path technology (LDMP) which automatically maintains the best possible bandwidth, latency, and resolution over multiple IP networks. The combination of ACT-L3 and LDMP in the small AVENIRMicro footprint provided Gospel Channel a method to deliver its ministries, talks shows, and music programs even where network bandwidth was not optimal.

gospel2Gospel Channel uses Streambox Cloud for stream management as well. The Streambox Cloud management capabilities have been very important in coordinating the time differences between Florida, Norway, and Iceland. Gospel Channel also uses point-to-point Cloud Encoder software whenever they need an extra video stream, keeping their system robust and malleable to changing needs.

Since Gospel Channel uses the NewTek Tricaster they implemented the free Streambox TriCaster add-on to simplify their operations. With the TriCaster add-on, Gospel Channel can stream live HD/SD video at resolutions up to 1080p directly from Streambox encoders into the TriCaster production system. The TriCaster add-on is ideal for Gospel Channel as they stream live multi-cam productions from Florida, Iceland, and Norway over 3G/4G/WiFi/ethernet networks.

gospel3Gospel Channel looked for a solution that worked for their present needs and that would be sustainable in the future. Currently, Gospel Channel has no video on demand, but this is something that it wants to implement in the near future as well as move to all HD content (which is currently not practical due to satellite restrictions).

Gospel Channel has been a Streambox customer since 2010 owing to the value and reliability of Streambox streaming technologies. Streambox support has assisted the Gospel Channel throughout the entire process: all information and presets were provided, which Gospel Channel said made implementation “a plug and live solution.” Gospel Channel has been kept up to date with all the newest Streambox developments; they were the first Scandinavian company to deploy AVENIRMirco in 2015 and will soon start streaming live to YouTube and Facebook. Streambox’s simple operations and low cost has enabled Gospel Channel the ability to produce more live content and engage with more viewers, providing a great return on investment.

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