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Video Encryption for Live and Archived Video

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Streambox now offers security video encryption for live and archived video. The wide use of digital images and videos in various applications brings serious attention to security and privacy issues today. Data encryption is a suitable method to protect this data.

The last few years have shown several encryption algorithms that have applied to secure video transmission. There are a wide range of video encryption options and many have shown to have security problems and other weaknesses.  AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), the successor of DES (Data Encryption Standard), is incredibly secure and has been chosen by Streambox for their video encryption.

Video / Audio 128 bit AES will become a security standard add-on for all Streambox Hardware Encoders, Decoders, and Streambox Cloud (cloud-based video management system) April 2017. All live and archived video files can only be accessed with their provided encryption key for added security.


The encryption key is whatever the user wants it to be and can be shared with as many people as they choose. One may create an encryption key for a certain video stream and share it to a particular group of people and only they can see it. This is incredibly useful when sharing sensitive video over the web. This is seen especially in the medical, commercial, and military fields that send sensitive video files daily, and have a high risk of being stolen.

This video encryption is a much cheaper option and takes far less setup time versus VPN Networking. 256 bit encryption will  also be available April 2017

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