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Streambox Announces Encryption To Secure Live Video Streaming

Streambox is proud to announce the addition of AES-128 encryption to its video streaming products and solutions. The stream level encryption is available for rackmount encoders/decoders and the macOS software Media Player now and slated for all encoded/decoder/playout products in the coming months.

Streambox stream level encryption is easy to use and an inexpensive way for film producers, post production houses, and enterprises to protect valuable intellectual property or sensitive information from unauthorized users. Streambox AES-128 encryption is an add-on feature for Streambox products that encrypts every video, audio, and V-ANC packet without adding latency to the video stream.

Alex Telitsine, CTO of Streambox, said, “Encryption support across all Streambox products will allow our user base to significantly reduce ongoing cost and complexities compared to VPNs and MPLS network solutions.”

AES-128 is an established NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standard that provides a very high level of data security (with less distribution restrictions than AES-192 or AES-256). Streambox encrypts data at the encoder for both live streamed and recorded video using symmetric keys and salted hash key storage with no back doors (symmetric keys means the same key is used for both encrypting and decrypting).

Many post production houses use Streambox solutions for remote review, editing, and color-grading sessions given its 10-bit video output, “mezzanine” grade HD video, digital daily cueing feature, “driftless” playout, and accurate color and grayscale.

Before Streambox’s AES-128 add-on, post production houses had to deal with the extra expense and complication of a VPN or MPLS network to secure their valuable intellectual property. With Streambox AES-128 encryption built into the encoding they no longer require third party solutions, saving both money and hassle.
Bob Hildeman, CEO of Streambox, said, “Encrypted video streaming adds the necessary security to protect feature film productions from unauthorized distribution. Only users with an authorized key will be able playout an encrypted Streambox video.”

Streambox rackmount encoders/decoders and macOS software Media Players are currently available for the AES-128 encryption add-on with Streambox Node and Streambox Cloud (streaming & routing functions) slated for a Q1 of 2017 release. In Q2 2017, Streambox will add OSX Cloud and Hybrid Encoders, Windows 4K/VR Player, Streambox Avenir Micro and Drone Encoders, Streambox 4K Rackmount, and Streambox Cloud (with full support).

Ready to get started? For a limited time new customers will receive 25% off encryption add-on purchases. For existing customers, please contact sales for a special offer. For more information on Streambox’s video encryption add-on please click “Learn More“. To purchase the encryption add-on please click “Contact Sales“.