Streambox What's New for NAB 2017

Avenir Mini 4

Designed for broadcasters, the new Streambox Avenir Mini 4 camera-mountable bonded cellular mobile encoder is an upgrade of Avenir Mini 3 in both hardware and software for improved performance, usability, and extended battery operations.

Streambox NODE

NODE is a small form factor low cost media player device with HDMI output supporting ten video channels which will automatically “pull” live video from Streambox Cloud and Enterprise Server or directly from an encoder for live video playout to connected TVs & monitors.

Avenir Micro Add-on Modules

New add-on modules for Avenir Micro mobile encoder increase connectivity, battery capacity, and portability.

Streambox Cloud

Cloud for Broadcast
Streambox Broadcast Cloud services offer broadcasters a global video infrastructure for live newsgathering, video program contribution, sharing, and distribution for scalable lower cost broadcast operations versus traditional methods. The service includes free software encoders for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Cloud for Social Media HD and 360 Streaming
Use any Streambox encoders to stream live HD and 360 videos in real-time anywhere in the world with multi format video transcoding to web/mobile devices or directly livestream to Twitter/Periscope, YouTube and Facebook.

Cloud for 360 Video Stitching
Streambox Cloud now supports 360 video stitching enabling all Streambox encoders to stream live 360 videos and allow for easy mobile 360 streaming.


Streambox rackmount encoders now have improved support for capture, encoding, and transmission of vertical ancillary data, also known as V-ANC (non-video information such as closed captions and advertisement insertion triggers).

Streambox offers an AES-128 encryption add-on for rackmount encoders/decoders and the macOS Media Player that encrypts every video, audio, and V-ANC packet without adding latency to the video stream and ensures only users with an authorized key can playout an encrypted video stream.

Encoder Frame Sync
Streambox has added a frame synchronizer to its 9200, 9300, 9400, and 3D-IMAG rackmount encoders to support multi camera switching when the video switcher does not have one built-in.