Streambox Introduces NODE 2 Media Playout Device | Streambox Inc

NODE 2 is a small form factor media player device supporting ten programmable video channels made to integrate with other Streambox components for cost-effective viewing of high quality video in real-time, making NODE ideally suited for mobile or remote operations.

NODE enables remote viewing by key stakeholders in a cost-effective manner. During live productions, vital personnel such as directors and producers can get a real-time view from anywhere in the world. For post-production, activities such as color grading and review of dailies can be done collaboratively. In education, teachers can bring a real-time visual experience to students in remote locations. Complex procedures can be monitored for advisement by technical specialists in healthcare, law, engineering and other professions. For security, critical monitoring can occur from a remote facility.

The NODE Decoder/Player is able to deliver viewer the highest quality visual experience with consistent video streaming. It has Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity and an HDMI 2.0b output for video displays.

NODE provides up to 10-bit color depth, is HDR ready, and displays video in resolutions up to 2K. To sustain such superior quality media, NODE supports streaming bit rates up to 20 Mbps using Streambox reliable transport network protocol. Playout can include up to 6 channels of uncompressed audio, with support for 5.1 surround sound as well.

NODE is designed to automatically “pull” live video from Streambox Cloud Services, Streambox Enterprise Server, or directly point-to-point from various Streambox encoders such as Chroma for live playout to connected high resolution screens and displays. NODE can be left running 24/7 and render streams in real-time as they arrive.

NODE keeps content secure as well by offering full encryption for live video. End-to-end encryption, with a symmetric key, forms a protective shield around the transport of valuable video content with no increase in stream latency.

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