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Streambox solutions help television stations of all types stream video from remote locations for news gathering and live events coverage. Remote field reporters need to set up quickly and transmit full HD, low latency video over bonded 3G,4G, WiFi, Ethernet, SNG / DNG, and Internet networks. The AVENIR mobile encoders integrate embedded modems and connect to multiple types of networks. For critical application such as a live two-way interview, reliable performance is crucial. Chroma and Chroma X offer high quality UHD and HD with HDR video along with up to 16 channels of audio, coupled to robust, high speed transport with minimal latency over a variety of existing networks or by using integrated Streambox Cloud Services.

The AVENIR Micro mobile encoder is modular and stackable, The Avenir Mini 5 mobile encoder includes all of the capabilities of AVENIR Micro as well as being camera mountable with five embedded modems.

Chroma and Chroma X function as streaming encoders, decoders and players at network and station facilities, and also integrates easily into outside broadcast vehicles to remotely manage and distribute streaming video. Content can be acquired with HDR in different standards and up to 16 channels of uncompressed audio. Chroma X is a small form factor version of Chroma that supports up to 3G 1080p resolution with down conversion from 2K. Chroma X is available on a service basis.

The Streambox Cloud encoder and the Streambox App for use on iPads, iPhones, Mac laptops, and Windows laptops enables mobile users to cost-effectively stream professional quality live media from the field to be streamed and shared via the web or on mobile devices. Live streaming media can also be sent to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, as well as specific news websites for real-time media sharing.

All these encoder systems can be utilized with Streambox Cloud Services operating over wired and wireless IP networks to bring news content to locations anywhere in the world. Cloud Services offers the flexibility and scalability of establishing a robust first and last mile connection and use of reliable Cloud-based distribution to any number of designated destinations.

There are a number of options for playing out streaming media content from Streambox as well. When the best performance is required, a Chroma or Chroma X hardware decoder can be used. A smaller, lower cost hardware option is the NODE 2 media player. This is a small form factor device that includes up to 10 programmable channels and 6 channels of audio.

Streambox also offers software media players. There are players for both Windows and Mac based computer systems. For a more mobile experience, Streambox offers a Mobile Media Player iOS application for iPads and iPhones, with an Android version coming soon.

Achieving high rates of transport and playback with minimal end-to end latency even over lower bandwidth public internet networks between locations that enables production transparency helps reduce operating expenses. Reliable Streambox network integration makes playing of live streams to and from remote locations easy and cost-effective. By using Streambox systems, the costs of covering live events can be reduced by supplementing or removing existing satellite or microwave links with cellular, WIFi, and Ethernet networking.

AVENIR Mini 5 is a camera mountable live video encoder designed for mobile broadcasting in the field. The encoder provides enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with significantly more efficient encoding for HD video. Engineered for easy integration and outstanding quality, the miniature, low-power device can be used with broadcast cameras for streaming video contribution.

  •         HD-SDI and HDMI video capture.
  •         Small form factor, lightweight device weighing just 1.1 kg
  •         Consumes 25 watts of power in standby to 60W with modem streaming for extended battery operations
  •         0.5 up to 20 Mbps of bandwidth
  •         5 internal cellular modems
  •         Support for up to 5 USB modems

Mini 5 performs as a dedicated portable encoder for live video transmissions, bonding any available network connections using the Streambox ACT-L3 (Advanced Compression Technology Level 3) codec and LDMP (Low Delay Multi-Path technology) to deliver high quality video with low latency. This combination delivers high quality video at significantly lower bitrates requiring less bandwidth than other systems.

The AVENIR Mini 5 provides highly efficient encoding for HD broadcasting with first and last mile connectivity through seamless integration via Streambox decoders, Streambox Enterprise Server, or Streambox Cloud Services to receive, archive and route video for playout in local, regional or worldwide deployments.

By using existing cellular and other network data plans, Mini 5 helps lower monthly OpEx costs, compared to leasing extra equipment and services that include marked-up data plans. The Mini 5, with its superior video compression and transport, consumes up to 30% less data for HD video, helping to lower data consumption of live streaming news and events.

AVENIRMicro is a lightweight live video encoder designed for mobile broadcasting similar to AVENIR Mini 5 but in a desktop package. Micro has recently been updated to a new design with increased processing and capabilities including the ability to also be used as a decoder, and increasing the bandwidth to 30 Mbps.

Micro is used with broadcast cameras, satellite terminals, medical imaging, safety and security monitoring, enterprise media environments, and various other streaming applications. In education, teachers have to create a real-time visual experience to send students in remote locations. Complex procedures must be streamed out for remote monitoring by medical specialists. For security, streaming out from a facility for critical remote monitoring is often required. AvenirMicro provides reliable video streaming acquisition for various types of mission-critical applications.

The Chroma product line includes the Chroma multi-channel advanced performance encoder designed for Contribution and Production, and the Chroma multi-channel advanced performance decoder designed for Playout and Production. These systems provides near lossless video quality, and secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows. They also support HD resolutions, along with High Dynamic Range color standards to create streaming content for broadcasting, and enterprise organizations by providing low latency video in HD formats over public and private IP networks.

The software-defined Streambox Chroma multi-channel systems with modular design offer flexibility, minimal latency, and integrated reliable LDMP media transport technology that simplifies streaming workflows over Internet and MPLS networks. Chroma provides high-quality, full range color, low-bandwidth video that can be seamlessly transported where mission critical media is required. Real-time transport assures an efficient solution for video contribution, live event streaming, multi-location video distribution, and remote offline and online editorial collaboration.

The Chroma multi-channel systems are specially packaged versions of the Chroma HD system that includes a 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI I/O that enables up to 4 simultaneous encodes or decodes.

Broadcasters and content providers need to capture, preserve, and playback the highest possible quality video when acquiring and showing content for news, sports, and other live events. The Streambox Chroma multi-channel encoder is ideal for IP-based HD streaming video that includes HDR support for contribution and playback to and from studios, bureaus, and affiliates over low cost Internet networks. Users can stream secure live media from field locations to multiple destinations with automated routing. Chroma also integrates easily into outside broadcast vehicles to remotely manage and distribute streaming video.

For critical application such as a live two-way interview, reliable performance is crucial. Chroma encoding offers high quality HD video along with up to 16 channels of audio, coupled to robust, high speed transport with minimal latency over a variety of existing networks or by using integrated Streambox Cloud Services. Chroma decoding provides the same level of quality and performance to playback and distribute streams of HD media.