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Streambox Receives Technical Emmy for LDMP Transport

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At NAB 2019, Streambox received an Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering in 2018 by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The award was granted to Streambox for their work on pioneering reliable transmission methodology for live contribution and distribution television links.

In 2011, Streambox introduced Low Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) technology to provide dynamic encoding adjustment for real-time video transport over multiple network types, assuring reliable video playout over unreliable WiFi, 3G, 4G, and wired public IP networks simultaneously with minimal latency. LDMP provides intelligent monitoring and utilization of accessible network paths to efficiently maximize available bandwidth and achieve higher rates of transport and playback with minimal 500 ms to around 1 second end-to end latency even over public Internet networks, at significantly lower bandwidth than other systems. Integrated support for network bonding means transport has additional reliability and redundancy.

In the past, a significant amount of real-time broadcast event coverage was restricted to expensive satellite connections or contending with 4 to 6 second delays using other networking connectivity, if and when available.

Broadcast applications such as remote news gathering, live news production, and live event contribution, Streambox have deployed LDMP technology on iPhones, iPads, personal computers, and hardware systems which can be connected to Cloud services to meet a wide range of requirements.

Streambox pioneered Cloud IP distribution of live media as well, which produced a dramatic decrease in latency and a substantial increase in reliability by providing enhanced first and last mile connectivity. Streambox Cloud Services distribution also uses LDMP for transport to any number of designated destinations around the world at high quality and low latency.

In conjunction with LDMP transport, Streambox systems offer end-to-end strong AES encryption with a symmetric key, forming a protective shield around the transport of valuable video content with no increase in stream latency.

Broadcasters are not the only ones to benefit from this exceptional technology. Business, HOW, Education, Public Safety, Defense, and Post-Production organizations also use Streambox solutions. Feature, trailer, advertising, or television production facilities use Streambox Chroma for collaborative applications including  live reviews, remote color grading, VFX creation, and editing.

Using Streambox technology and solutions offer users some key advantages for broadcast contribution and distribution, including the ability to work on networks they already use, the capability of streaming out to network locations, websites, and social media platforms simultaneously, and most importantly, the functionality of operating over standard public networks with high quality and low latency, even with limited bandwidth.

Come Picture Perfect Pixels at NAB 2019 with Streambox

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Learn about Streambox solutions including:

Relax from the frenzy of the exhibition halls and cross the street to the Residence Inn from Monday, April 8th to Thursday, April 11th.


Streaming from Challenging Situations Such as Drones

Remote field reporters need to set up quickly and transmit full HD, low latency video over bonded 3G,4G, WiFi, and Internet networks. The AVENIR Drone can acquire hard to capture video and includes a universal camera adaptor for easy mounting.

Capturing high quality action at live games or events and transmitting it to viewers can be a logistical and technical challenge. Streambox innovative codec and transport technologies permit users to set up quickly and reliably transport high quality media over a variety of low bandwidth connections as events unfold. Live event production crews are able to simulcast events from unique perspectives in full HD with the AVENIR Drone.

For security, streaming out from a facility for critical remote monitoring is often required. Overhead surveillance of events is needed to help ensure public safety. Comprehensive situational awareness must include an aerial perspective for military and defense maneuvers. Avenir Drone provides reliable video streaming acquisition for various types of mission-critical applications.

AVENIR Drone is a lightweight live video encoder in a compact form factor designed to work with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on a dashboard or as a wearable device to enable streaming of live video from challenging and unique locations. The encoder provides enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with significantly more efficient encoding for HD video. AVENIR Drone has recently been updated to a new design with increased processing and capabilities including the ability to also be used as a decoder, and increasing the bandwidth to 30 Mbps. Engineered for easy integration and outstanding quality, the miniature, low-power device can be used for broadcasting, safety and security monitoring, military and defense situational awareness, and various other streaming applications.

The integrated system is based on a mobile hardware device CPU that enables HD-SDI and HDMI video capture. AVENIR Drone is a small form factor, lightweight device weighing just 300 grams, consuming only 10 watts of power to run for 6 hours on a single battery.

AVENIR Drone performs as a dedicated portable encoder for live video transmissions, bonding any available network connections using the Streambox ACT-L3 (Advanced Compression Technology Level 3) codec and LDMP (Low Delay Multi-Path technology) to deliver high quality video with low latency. This combination delivers high quality video at significantly lower bitrates requiring less bandwidth than other systems.

The AVENIR Drone provides highly efficient encoding for HD broadcasting with first and last mile connectivity through seamless integration via Streambox decoders, Streambox Enterprise Server, or Streambox Cloud Services to receive, archive and route video for playout in local, regional or worldwide deployments.

By using existing cellular and other network data plans, AVENIR Drone helps lower monthly OpEx costs, compared to leasing extra equipment and services that include marked-up data plans. The AVENIR Drone, with its superior video compression and transport, consumes up to 30% less data for HD video, helping to lower data consumption of live streaming news and events.

Streambox Cloud Contribution

Streambox Cloud Services

A few technology trends are coalescing to make real-time collaboration attainable. The advent of a robust Cloud based infrastructure makes global connectivity plausible for all sorts of data. Streambox Cloud Services can be utilized to stream content to a single or to multiple locations. Streambox Cloud Services are available even on a project by project basis.

Streambox Cloud Services are secure and support multi-users groups to deliver high quality, full color range video to multiple locations cost effectively over the public Internet.

Reliable, low latency video transport is provided via regional servers around the globe. Live streams even from multiple locations are accessible via a single web page and rule base management can be set up to automatically route streams to single or group destinations. Live streams can be pushed or pulled from Streambox Cloud on either side of firewalls.

Streambox Cloud Services are used to reliably distribute live sessions over long distances with minimal latencies and assures “first mile” quality with adaptive contribution. Cloud services can be configured to automatically pull live streams using Streambox NODE 2 device, PC software and Mobile Media app players, and to save live video to be archived and viewed later.

Mobile Media Player

Mobile Media Player is a high performance, low latency application for iPad and iPhone devices. The application provides ten programmable channels to automatically “pull” live video streams from Streambox Cloud Services and Enterprise Server or receive an incoming stream directly from a Streambox encoder.

The iOS based player application provides superior quality media with low cost remote viewing wherever there is Internet access. Users benefit from 2K and HD 8 or 10-bit video playout with up to 6 channels of uncompressed audio.

The player application includes AES 128-bit video encryption for security that protects intellectual property with no increase in stream latency.

Users can set up and configure up to 10 video channels to automatically pull or receive a unique video stream from Streambox Cloud Services, Enterprise Server or from a point‐to‐point connection with a Streambox encoder.

Mobile Media Player works behind NAT/Firewall without static IP using Streambox Cloud or Enterprise Server. Streaming occurs with multi-path bonded LDMP 2.0 and UDP protocols on mobile or WiFi networks.


Streambox adds Dolby Vision™ support for Chroma, Chroma X and NODE 2

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Bellevue, WA – April 3, 2019 Streambox is adding Dolby Vision™ support to Chroma and Chroma X real-time media transport systems and also to NODE 2 media player devices. Streambox Chroma and Node 2 interoperability with Dolby Vision enables new ways of working that up to now have not been possible. Now content producers gain remote review capabilities with Dolby Vision using either digital video metadata drop off from a remote location to a Dolby CMU, or HDMI tunneling directly to digital video monitors without the need for a CMU. Streambox helps to simplify workflows while reducing costs for post-production collaboration including color grading and visual effects creation.

The Streambox Chroma series of advanced performance streaming media solutions for encoding and decoding not only support HDR as a standard feature, but there are configurations to process higher quality 4:4:4 RGB/XYZ 12-bit video for Dolby Vision™ with up to 4K, DCI and UHD resolutions including 3D.

Chroma X is a software defined encoder and decoder packaged as a small form factor device made available as a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering. The Chroma X device is based on the same Linux software and ACT-L5 Codec as Chroma rackmount systems.

Streambox Chroma can be configured with SDI plus HDMI output even to 4K resolution, performing HDR10 metadata insertion, and now adds support for DolbyVision™ HDMI tunneling for professional applications. Both Chroma and Chroma X units can be used with third party SDI to HDMI converters for

tunneling with SDI-only units. Chroma decoding also outputs Dolby metadata over SDI to a Dolby Content Mapping Unit (CMU) for mapped views.

NODE 2 is a flexible small form factor media player device supporting ten programmable video channels for cost-effective viewing on connected high resolution screens and displays in real-time. NODE includes an HDMI output for easy connectivity. NODE also supports Dolby Vision™ Tunneling with full range RGB. NODE offers a low-cost remote viewing solution for post-production review with Dolby Vision™ including color grading.

Streambox is demonstrating the full range of Dolby Vision™ compatibility at NAB 2019 in the Marriott Residence Inn across from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

come and see for personal demo at NAB 2019

About Streambox

Founded in 1999, Streambox is an industry leading pioneer delivering unique IP based video streaming solutions over low bandwidth connections. Streambox delivers pixel perfect media Everywhere – connecting people, companies, and organizations through sharing and collaborating on content.

Streaming digital media with picture perfect pixels from anywhere with unlimited scalability at low costs is the Streambox vision. In today’s connected media world, Streambox technology innovations are there to serve a broad base of industries and customers worldwide.


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