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New Streambox Mobile Media Player for Live Reviews & Low Latency Video Monitoring

The Mobile Media Player iOS based app for iPad and iPhones has recently been released and is available in the Apple store at no charge. Using this app on iPad/iPhone delivers color accurate video playout for secure post production live reviews, broadcast, and monitoring applications wherever you have a wireless connection. The app  supports programmable video channels and is integrated with Streambox Cloud, including Sessions based usage for easy set-up and workflows. This provides automated video playout from Streambox Cloud by simply inputting a six digit Sessions ID, provided by the Session host, into Streambox Mobile Media Player.

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iOS based devices are well known for their display quality, so media professionals benefit from a highly accurate visual experience even of these smaller form factor devices. For example, the iPad Pro series supports screen resolutions greater than HD and a wide color space.


In fact, the DisplayMate site enthusiastically confirms “with this degree of picture quality and accuracy, the iPad is now qualified for many interesting professional level applications. ”

“Adobe RGB and Apple Display P3 cover mostly similar ranges of colors beyond sRGB.” (Creative Pro, 2017)

Streambox Mobile Media Player is an HD/HDR player for IP video streams arriving from Streambox encoders or from Streambox Cloud services. The Media Player is well suited for streams being pushed or pulled from Streambox Cloud Services. The Mobile Media Player is being used by media content providers (e.g., news services) to remotely review live streams, and by post-production services for collaborative workflows with colorists, editors, and media producers for on-site or on-location monitoring.

Streambox Sessions™ is a new valuable collaborative tool that is featured on the Mobile Media Player. It provides simple and cost-effective direct connections for media professionals who require remote, real-time collaboration of high quality, color-rich, content across multiple locations.

  • Download to use with Streambox Cloud Services at no charge
  • Multi-location collaboration using Sessions based workflows
  • Support for Rec.709, DCI P3 and Rec.2020 color space
  • Encrypted video streams option (with no increase in latency)
  • Automated mobile HD video playout based on metadata device
  • Low latency streams from Streambox Cloud Services
  • Setup and configure video channels for ease of use
  • Advanced color profiles P3/Rec.2020/Rec.709
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