Streambox® Sessions™ makes Live Media Production Collaboration Simple | Streambox Inc

Streambox® Sessions™ is a simple and cost-effective way to connect media professionals who require remote, secure, and real-time collaboration of high quality, color-rich, content across multiple locations.

Post-production, Visual FX, Broadcast, and other media organizations will find Sessions ideal for their offsite producers, directors, colorists, editors, advisors, and other professionals who need to participate in productions no matter where they are located. Collaborators do not even need a connection with Streambox Cloud Services.

Sessions™ works with Streambox Chroma, Chroma X, AVENIR, and software encoders on the origination side, and Chroma, Chroma X, AVENIR Micro 2, NODE, Streambox Player, Streambox Player Pro, and Mobile Media Player for iOS for playing out media. Sessions functionality includes 128-bit AES stream encryption to ensure content security.