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Update for Streambox Cloud Encoder for Mac OSX

Streambox introduces a new update for the free Cloud Encoder software. In the past, the free version of the Cloud Encoder always pointed to the nearest cloud server. Now, with this update, customers are able to point to the desired cloud server of their choosing. With this new available option, sessions can be tested on distance Cloud Servers, as well as simply testing the workflow of setting up an Encoder in one place that’ll be used in another.

After the update, you can set the Cloud Encoder to stream to any specific Cloud Server using either its IP address (e.g. or its specific name (e.g. LiveEU.streambox.com).

Set the Target Decoder in the Network Menu

Set and apply settings for target Cloud Server

The other change that was made to the Cloud Encoder was to add “Set Kit Menu” to the Service Menu. One challenge some customers had was that they have multiple Cloud Encoders in the field, with more than one in use at the same time, and the wanted to know which laptop a given stream was coming from.

Now with the added Set Kit Name option, customers can assign a name to a particular laptop. When the stream hits the Cloud Server, the Kit Name shows up in the Cloud Server’s stream information (on the Live Tab). A user logged in to the Cloud can see which Encoder a given stream is coming from, as long as the Kit Name is unique.

“Set Kit Name” was added to the Service Menu, so a name can be assigned to a particular laptop

After clicking “Set Kit Name” the user is able to input the name of the device

For more information on the Streambox Cloud Encoder click here, or the link below. For additional information or questions on the Streambox Cloud Encoder please contact our sales team. Also, if you wanna check out our list of Cloud Servers and their IP addresses click here.