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Media Player Now Supports Surround Sound Down Mix

By December 28, 2020Streambox Platform Solutions

Streambox is pleased to announce the new Media Player 2.0.5 with realtime surround sound down-mix feature for iOS and macOS media players.

This new feature is designed for live remote reviews, where both surround audio (7.1/51.) and stereo clients can receive the same session without re-encoding or experiencing additional delay.

Clients without surround support will automatically playback a stereo downmix stream from the master surround sound. Streambox supports multi-channel audio in both uncompressed and AAC formats, with software players rendering up to 8 channels.

The new players are available now in the Apple App store:
Download v 2.0.5

For more details on setup and usage, including procedure for 7.1 audio output setup for macOS,  download this free Quick Start Guide.