Streambox 9200
HD/SD Encoder & Decoder

Affordable streaming for growing organizations.


Video Encryption

Add-on Security for all Live, Archived, and Saved Videos



Professional – quality live broadcasting can be a reality with the Streambox 9200, our most affordable rackmount encoder and decoder . The scalable encoder lets you encode, transport reliable video over public internet and play out live video at a fraction of the cost vs competing encoders requiring higher cost MPLS or dedicated networks for reliable video contribution. Encryption now available!


Encoder and Decoder In One

As a half-duplex model, the Streambox 9200 works as encoder or decoder, providing growing organizations with twice the capabilities. You’ll get unrivaled HD quality from 1.5 mbps to 35 Mbps and outstanding SD quality at 64 Kbps to 8 Mbps.

Scalable Architecture

Use a pair of units for simple point-to-point streaming or scale your video program for multi-location low latency video applications. Simply add the Streambox Enterprise Server or Streambox Cloud to meet your growing needs. An easy-to-use web interface provides local or remote system management.

Reliable, High-Quality Performance

For consistent, reliable streaming, the Streambox 9200 uses proprietary reliable LDMP networking technology to continuously monitor and select the best possible pathway from all available networks. Advanced ACT-L3 compression provides higher-quality encoding with low latency.

Mission-Critical Live Video Productions, Streaming and Video Transport

The Streambox 9200 enables live video streaming for a wide range of applications:

  • Video transport: Reduce broadcast video contribution costs while maintaining high-performance and reliability over lower cost internet video transport.
  • Live Event Production: capture and stream live video from remote locations and transport video over the Internet for live event media production for CDN streaming.
  • House of worship: High quality multi-site HD video to ngage remote participants with real-time streaming of services via internet and stream triple play web video to PCs and mobile devices.
  • Multi-site streaming for Education, Post Production & Enterprise Users: Deliver live video from a central location to secondary locations anywhere in the world using globally deployed Steambox Cloud video services.

Why use Streambox 9200?

  • Switch between encoder and decoder with just one touch
  • Cost-effectively encode, transmit and play out high-quality live video
  • Easily scale for simple point-to-point or for streaming between multiple units
  • Seamlessly manage and configure the system remotely with an easy-to-use web interface

9200 Rackmount Sample Case Studies

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