Streambox 9400
Full-Duplex Encoder/Decoder

Realtime video conferencing made easy.


Video Encryption

Add-on Security for all Live, Archived, and Saved Videos



The primary function of the 9400 system is it’s HD/SD full duplex mode, which enables each unit to operate as an encoder and a decoder at the same time making it ideal for real-time videoconferencing, interactive learning, telemedicine, and bi-directional video worship. Encryption now available!



The HD/SD 9400 provides a scalable solution for growing organizations: use a pair of units for a simple point to point application; employ a single encoder with two decoders for point to multipoint; or add an Enterprise Server to stream from multiple encoders to multiple decoders.

Scalable Architecture

Use a pair of units for simple point-to-point streaming or scale your video program as you grow. Simply add the Streambox Enterprise Server or Streambox Cloud to stream from multiple encoders to multiple decoders. An easy-to-use web interface provides local or remote system management.

Reliable, High-Quality Performance

For consistent, reliable streaming, the Streambox 9400 uses proprietary technology to continuously monitor and select the best possible pathway from all available networks, including 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and other IP. Advanced ACT-L3 compression provides higher-quality encoding with low latency.

Mission-Critical Broadcasting

The Streambox 9400 enables live video streaming for a wide range of applications:

  • Video transport: Reduce broadcast costs while maintaining high-performance and reliability.
  • House of worship: Engage remote participants with real-time streaming of services to the web and mobile devices.
  • Multi-site streaming: Deliver live video from a central location to secondary locations anywhere in the world.

Why use Streambox 9400?

  • Ability to encode, transmit, and playout either live or file-based HD or SD video streams coupled with support for both digital and analog input/output formats.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet interface providing multiplex/demultiplex configurations for video stream redundancy.
  • Second Ethernet port may be designated as a management port for instant access from anywhere.
  • 9400 system works seamlessly with other Streambox products including Streambox solutions for video management and playout.

9400 Rackmount Sample Case Study

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