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Celebro Media, Streambox Production Partner in Central London, to Expand Their Facility

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Central London, UK, February 12, 2016  – Celebro Media, the first 4K studio in Central London is celebrating their first year with an expansion of their facility. After just a year of opening their state-of-the art TV studio in Oxford Circus, Celebro has reached its full capacity. Now, with their expansion, they are tripling the size of their studios, including all that is needed for live TV production, with a focus on news, sports and entertainment programming.

Celebro Studios is equipped with Streambox Live video transport technology, for 4K, HD and SD transmissions – technology they chose from the beginning as pioneers in providing IP based video connectivity worldwide. As a result, Celebro Media can provide live newsgathering services throughout London using Streambox mobile encoders. The Streambox Platform allows the Studio to easily collaborate with Streambox Users worldwide, both on the contribution and distribution ends.

By occupying 2 additional floors of Celebro’s current building right by Oxford Circus, they will be able to offer a large set with an audience of 150 and a renewed chroma (green-screen) facility, and an inject studio for down the line contribution. Celebro’s expansion also allows for the addition of dedicated edit suites, filming kitchen, audience holding areas, green rooms and make-up studios.


For transmission, Celebro as one of the major Streambox Worldwide Production Partners, is also growing by enhancing their Platform with the new Streambox Enterprise Server Xtreme. This allows them to manage all Streambox signals in an easy interface and distribute them to their new transmissions paths, which include SDI connectivity with BT tower, HD lines through Tata communications and Antenna Farm for Satellite Transmission, reception and turn around.

Streambox Customers benefit from a state-of-the art studio in central London powered with the latest Streambox technologies, allowing them an easy and cost effective worldwide connectivity. A significant reduction in the structure cost for remote bureaus and studios video contribution can be reached by working with Celebro Studios for special events deployments and establishing fixed studio locations abroad.


About Streambox

Streambox leads the video over IP industry with complete end-to-end newsgathering solutions and contribution streaming service. The Streambox platform of professional live and file-based HD/SD software and hardware for video transport, management, and play out streamlines the workflow for any broadcasting and streaming need. Streambox technology is based on the ACT-L3™ proprietary video compression which allows faster encoding with low-latency and adaptive bit-rate streaming over public/private networks.

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About Celbro Media

Celebro Media are world leaders in broadcast consultancy and produce content for some of the best-known broadcasters. Their state-of-the-art studio facility is purpose built for live TV production and is located in central London. The studio uses Blackmagic 4K studio cameras mounted to super-smooth robotic camera heads purpose built by the UK’s leading robotics company – MRMC. Celebro offers a full 4K workflow from capture through to vision mixing as well as recording in a variety of formats and live playout.

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Name: Allison Gates

Title: Marketing Manager

Phone: +1 206.956.0544 ext. 181

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Celebro Media

Name: Simon Ray

Title: Sales & Business Manager

Phone: +44 207.580.8270

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Streambox Announces the Release of an Updated Avenir Page for Broadcast Accounts

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Streambox is pleased to announce the release of an updated Avenir page for Broadcast accounts. This allows Streambox users to know where their assets are located while having ready remote control of those assets. This update provides a ‘Map All’ feature displaying all assets on a Google map. The location is provided based on GeoIP technology – if a GPS receiver is plugged into the Avenir, a more precise GPS location is provided (see below).

To discover more about Streambox Avenir mobile devices please visit:

Coming Soon! NewTek TriCaster Add-On for Streambox Encoder Users

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The soon to be released Streambox Add-on for TriCaster allows users of Streambox encoders and Streambox Cloud to stream live HD/SD video at resolutions up to 1080p via the TriCaster production system. The Streambox add-on will provide the best live streaming quality for news, live entertainment, aerial/drone imaging, sports broadcast, church production, and more.  

The fully integrated add-on will be compatible with all Streambox encoder devices, Streambox Cloud Services and Enterprise Server. In addition, users will have the flexibility of three modes to acquire multiple, ACT-L3, low latency video streams directly from Streambox encoders, Streambox Cloud servers, or via a local multicast.

Streambox Cloud Upgrades to Amazon Elastic IP for Scalability and Reliability

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Streambox Cloud Service is constantly improving to provide increased scalability, reliability, and flexibility. One improvement is the use of elastic IP addresses for the Streambox Cloud servers allowing services such as dedicated computing power to scale up and down, according to user needs.

Over the next several months, Streambox will update many of its Cloud servers to support elastic IP. This might incur a short downtime and require that the direct references to the old IP address be changed to the new elastic IP address.

Announcements prior to the changes will be posted on the Live Page ( and in many cases, emails with be sent therefore preparations can be made.

For a list of current IP for all Streambox Cloud servers, please refer to this link –

Streambox USB Modem Module for Streambox Avenir Micro and Drone

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Streambox USB Modem Module for Streambox Avenir Micro and Drone

Streambox would like to announce general availability of USB Modem Module and Breakout cable for Streambox Avenir Micro and Drone. The Streambox® AvenirMicro™ and AvenirDrone™ design is based on the principle of “As you like it.” That is, to the base encoder, you snap on an expansion module that will best suit your production needs.

Streambox® USB Modem Module™: 

Expansion module that can secure up to 4 LTE USB (mobile) modems and two hot swappable Canon (LP‐E6) batteries.This is an ideal module where there is a need to pick the optimal carrier combinations for a specific location – which may change depending on assignment. The module is easy to connect to Avenir Micro or Drone with snap-on magnetic base and X-connector. Streambox proprietary power subsystem ensures a sufficient current supply for USB LTE modems operation. 

The USB Modem Module retails at $950


Streambox® Breakout Cable:

Low cost extension to Avenir Micro to connect up to 4 USB modems and power without housing.

The USB Modem breakout cable retails at $200


Additional resources:

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